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Cargolux Cargo Plane Diverted to Shannon, On Report of Fire

A Cargolux operated cargo airplane, flying from Puerto Rico to Maastricht, Holland, made an emergency landing at Ireland’s Shannon Airport, on the morning of March 14, 2014.

According to initial reports, the pilot of Boeing 747-400 reported fire in the cargo bay and hence requested clearance to land at Shannon airport.

A Shannon airport spokesperson has confirmed that no one was injured.

Photo Flight Ends in Collision, 2 Fatalities

What: Wings Over Holland General Avia F-22BV Pinguino
Wings Over Holland Diamond DA40D Diamond Star TDI
Where: Zeeasterweg, Dronten Netherlands
When: October 22, 2012 4:35pm
Who: 2 aboard, 2 injured
Why: A Diamond DA40D Diamond Star TDI (PH-TDE) and a General Avia F-22BV Pinguino (D-EDMJ) crashed following a mid-air collision. The accident happened during an air-to-air photo flight
Those aboard the Pinguino flight were airlifted by medical evacuation Lifeliner 1 and Lifeliner 4.

The two aboard the Diamond Star did not survive.

Rescue efforts were hampered by the wet ground which trapped afire truck that responded to the scene.

Vueling F16 escort in Holland

What: Vueling Airbus A320-200 en route from Malaga to Amsterdam
Where: Amsterdam
When: Aug 29 2012
Who: 183 passengers
Why: While en route, the pilots of the Vueling Airbus lost contact with Dutch ATC.

The lack of communication led the Airbus to be escorted by F16s to “establish visual contact with the crew.”

On landing at Schiphol, the plane was isolated more than a mile from the terminal, with medical and security teams on hand, and a bus to transport passengers to the airport. Schiphol had already been evacuated after a World War II bomb which had been uncovered was scheduled for removal.

Air Astana Tail Strike in Amsterdam

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Contact photographer Natalie Brüggemann

What: Air Astana Boeing 767-300 en route from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Atyrau (Kazakhstan)
Where: Amsterdam
When: Jan 4th 2012
Who: n/a
Why: During takeoff, the Air Astana Boeing had a tail strike, observed on the ground by the Air Italia following this flight, lined up for takeoff. Passengers reported hearing a “bang” of contact.

After burning off fuel for two hours, the pilots returned to an Amsterdam runway where they made a safe landing and submitted to a safety inspection. The cause is being attribute to possible “wind, wind vortices or too rapid rotation.”

The flight took off again after two hours, this time without a tail strike.

Arkefly Lands due to Fumes

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Contact photographer Adrián Alonso Lemes

What: Arkefly Boeing 737-800 en route from Amsterdam to Lanzarote,CI
Where: Amsterdam
When: Dec 16th 2010
Who: 178 passengers
Why: About half an hour into the flight, people aboard began complaining they were being affected by fumes aboard the plane. Both passengers and crew complained of nausea. Returning to Amsterdam, the plane made a safe landing and those affected were treated at the airport. The fumes were assumed to be from de-icing compounds.

Turkish Boeing Crash at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

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Contact photographer Joop Stroes – Global Aviation Photography
What: Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 (TC-JGE) Flight 1951 en route from Istanbul to Amsterdam.
Where: Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport
When: 10:40 a.m. Wednesday Feb 25
Who: 135 passengers on board; eight crew members. (numbers vary)
Why: The plane crashed as it approached the runway to land. Witnesses say the approach was too low and the pilot tried to go higher to avoid crashing into the A-19 (hwy.) The wreckage is in three pieces lying in a field next to the runway; emergency crews are tending injured passengers on site. The cockpit was intact, adn the fuselage broke at the wings.There was an immediate report of one fatality which was later denied. There were at least 20 injured and at least 50 survivors. Another report estimated the majority of the passengers are injured. (Sorry the numbers don’t mesh, but this is the news as it came in–) There was no fire. Fights to and from Schiphol were suspended temporarily after the crash.
The number of deceased has been increased to 9.

More than 80 suffered injury.

25 suffered “serious” injury.
6 are hospitalized in critical condition.

Numbers corrected (again): 127 passengers 7 crew.

According to various passenger accounts, prior to the crash, twelve minutes to the scheduled landing, the plane was flying low, and an announcement was made that the plane was landing. (No announcement was made that the plane was in an emergency.) Immediately on landing, those who were able left the plane, and when there was no fire, they went back in and pulled the others out, especially in the front of the plane, where there was screaming. Outside help arrived within 20-25 minutes.

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