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Spirit Airlines Flight Returns to Ecuador due to Engine Issue

Spirit Airlines flight NK-1140 had to return and make an emergency landing in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on February 16th.

The plane took off for Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but had to turn back due to an engine problem.

The plane landed back safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

American Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Ecuador

American Airlines flight AA-1558 made an emergency landing in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on January 29th.

The Boeing 757-200 plane heading from Lima, Peru, to Miami, Florida, was diverted due to a hydraulic problem.

The plane landed safely. All passengers and crew members remained safe.

Avior Airlines Flight Overruns Runway in Ecuador

Avior Airlines flight 9V-1260 overran the end of the runway at Jose Joaquin de Olmedo International Airport, Ecuador, on March 3rd.

The incident happened when the Boeing 737-400 plane was coming from Barcelona, Venezuela.

The plane came to stop on soft ground.

All ninety-nine passengers aboard remained uninjured.

Avior Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Ecuador

Avior Airlines flight 9V-1260 made an emergency landing in Manta, Ecuador, on November 19th.

The Boeing 737-200 plane heading from Barcelona, Venezuela, to Guayaquil, Ecuador, was diverted after an engine started emitting loud bangs and the passenger oxygen masks deployed.

The plane landed uneventfully. All eighty-one passengers and six crew members remained unharmed.

LATAM Airlines Plane Returns to Ecuador due to Lightning Strike

LATAM Airlines flight XL-1730 had to return and make an emergency landing in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on February 27th.

The Boeing 767-300 plane took off for Madrid, Spain, but had to return shortly afterwards after it was hit by lightning.

The plane landed back safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

TAME Airlines Plane Skids Off Runway in Ecuador

TAMEA TAME Airlines plane skidded off runway at Cuenca Airport, Ecuador, on April 28th.

The plane, performing flight EQ-173 from Quito, Ecuador, landed amid heavy rain and slided off the tarmac onto the grass.

There were 87 passengers and 6 crew members aboard at the time; none of them were injured.

The aircraft was substantially damaged.

Military Plane Crashed in Ecuador; 22 Killed

A military plane crashed in Pastaza province of Ecuador, on March 15th.

Authorities said the Israeli-made Arava cargo plane was transporting 19 soldiers for a parachuting training when it went down in the Amazon region.

There were 22 people aboard at the time, including the soldiers, two pilots, and one mechanic; all of them were killed in the crash.

The cause of crash is under investigation.

Air Force Jet Crashes in Western Ecuador; 2 Killed

An air force jet crashed near the airport in Salinas in Santa Elena, western Ecuador, on March 18.

The accident happened at around 7:40 a.m. when the FAE 026 aircraft was on a training flight.

Both people aboard the plane were killed in the crash.

President Rafael Correa expressed his grief on Twitter, saying, “Training plane T34 had an accident in Salinas. Captain E and Cadet R died. The Fatherland mourns them. Our love to the families.”

The crash is under investigation.

Ecuador Bound International Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Charleston

TAME Airlines Airbus A330-200 heading to Ecuador from New York’s JFK Airport made an emergency landing at Joint Base Charleston at 2:05 on March 25.

The medical emergency was declared because of a female passenger having breathing trouble. However, she refused to go to the local area hospital for medical treatment. The plane left after refueling at 4.30 a.m. without dropping the passenger.

The flight was directed to the Joint Base since no international flights operate between midnight and 4 a.m. at the Charleston International airport, and the ground crew is not available during this time.

The plane had 70 passengers and 9 crew members on board.

President Rafael Correa’s Helicopter Crashes

A HAL Dhruv helicopter flown by the Ecuadorian Air Force, the president’s helicopter, crashed at Chimborazo in Equador while en route from Guayaquil to Quito.

Three people (Lieutenant Jorge Luis, Sargent H. Cristian and Captain C. Hector) aboard the plane died. The pilot Captain P. Fabian survived.

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa was not aboard.

The director of communications of the Ecuadorian Air Force confirmed the bodies of the Chimborazo helicopter crash victims will be transferred to Quito.

The crash is under investigation.

Quito Runway Overrun

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What: Tame Embraer ERJ 190 en route from Loja to Quito Ecuador
Where: Quito Ecuador
When: Sep 16th 2011
Who: 97 passengers, 6 crew
Why: Landing in Quito in rain halfway down the runway, the jet hydroplaned past the end of the runway to the perimeter wall. Nine hundred feet past the end of the runway.

There were four injured. The incident is under investigation. The nose section appears to be smashed. The airport does not have collapsing concrete runway arresting systems.

6 Dead in Plane Crash in Ecuador

What: Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 en route from Pastaza-Shell Mera Airport to Tena Airport (SETE), Ecuador
Where: El Capricho Ecuador
When: 20 JAN 2011
Who: 6 aboard
Why: Captain Pilot Xavier González Montenegro, Lieutenant Pilot Campaign Mario Ramirez, Lieutenant Pilot Gabriel Palacios Jiménez, Iván Paredes Sergeant Corporal Yanez and Juan Román Guevara crashed while performing civic action flights. While en troute back to Tena the plane crashed, and fell into the Anzu river.

Ecuador Crash Kills 7, Maybe More

What: twin-engine Beechcraft 200 propeller plane en route from Manta to Quito’s airport
Where: 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) from the airport near Hotel Quito
When: 5:20 pm (2220 GMT)
Who: seven people were killed: 5 aboard; 2 on the ground
Why: small military plane on a training flight clipped some tree tops and crashed into an apartment building. The reports list two buildings.
Initial reports said the deaths included the wife and son of the pilot, Major Julio Zaldumbide but we have not verified that information.

Fokker Crash in Ecuador

What: ICARO Fokker F28 Fellowship 4000 Registration HC-CDT flight 504 with 2 Rolls Royce 555-15P Spey engines
Where: Quito-Mariscal Sucre Airport (UIO) (Ecuador) en route to Coca Airport (OCC/SECO),
When: 22 SEP 2008 ca 11:15
Who: 4 crew 62 passengers
Why: The crash occurred during takeoff.

After flight 504 was cleared for takeoff from runway 35, en route to El Coca, it hit a metal antenna at the end of the runway. The captain decided to abort. The airplane overran the 10240 foot runway, and the plane continued down a slope and plowed through a brick wall. There were no injuries. The yellow jet involved is painted with the logo of the Guayaquil-based Barcelona soccer team (obviously not the generic Fokker in our photo) and is normally used to ferry the soccer team around. No team members were on board.

Conviasa Crash in Ecuador

What: Conviasa Boeing 737-291 advanced (reg. YV-102T) en route from (Simón Bolívar International Airport,) Maiquetia, Venezuela to Latacunga, Ecuador
Where: Illiniza Volcano elevation approx. 17000 feet) Toacaso, Ecuador
When: August 30, 2008
Who: 3 crew members, no survivors
Why: The plane was being delivered to a new owner after being in storage. The flight crew lost lost radio and radar contact with Ecuadorian air control at 02:56Z on beginning descent to Latacunga. The wreckage location (near the LOTOA waypoint (LOTOA at 0° 46′ 23S 78° 52′ 20W) at an altitude of approximately 4000 meters )suggests the airplane flew into the side of the Iliniza Volcano and was completely destroyed on impact. The wreckage was spread 400 meters.

Hondorus states attorney in Honduras opened an investigation against “Atlantic Airlines de Honduras.” It has yet to be established, whether the airplane was operating under a Honduran license and if all requirements were met.

Atlantic Airlines had operated the airplane until March 31st 2007.

As of Sept 3rd, both flight recorders (flight data and cockpit voice recorder) have been recovered and will be sent to the USA for analysis

Millon Air Cargo Crash

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What: Million Air Boeing 707-323C en route from Manta Ecuador to Miami
Where: Dolorosa
When: October 22, 1996,
Who: pilot-in-command, first officer, flight engineer, 1 passenger and 30 on the ground died in the crash. 50 were injured.
Why: On October 22, 1996, a Millon Air Boeing 707-323C cargo flight carrying frozen fish and flowers crashed after takeoff from the Eloy Alfaro Airport, Manta, Ecuador. The aircraft ripped off rooftops of houses in the Dolorosa neighborhood and crashed in flames into a restaurant. Local officials claim an engine was on fire. The airplane was destroyed. The airline transport pilot-in-command, first officer, flight engineer, 1 passenger, and about 30 persons on the ground were fatally injured. About 50 persons on the ground sustained serious injuries.

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