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Pilot Killed after Small Plane Crashed near Hesperia Airport, CA

A small plane crashed near Hesperia Airport, California, on March 7th.

Authorities said the ultralight plane went down near the north end of the airport.

The pilot, who was the only one aboard, was killed in the accident.

He was later identified as Robert Alexander, 55, of Hesperia, California.

The incident is being investigated.

Ultralight Plane Crashed in Australia; 2 Killed

An ultralight aircraft crashed at the runway of Hedlow Airstrip, near Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia, on the afternoon of November 25.

According to sources, 2 people lost their lives in the crash.

The Queensland Ambulance Service and firefighters responded at the scene.

The accident remains under investigation.

Pilot Killed as Ultralight Plane Crashes in Australia

An ultralight plane crashed south of Townsville, Queensland, Australia, on November 29.

Authorities said the plane was taking off from an air strip in Woodstock when it experienced some difficulties and went down.

The pilot, who was the only aboard, was killed in the crash.

The incident is being investigated.

Ultralight Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Florida

An Ultralight plane made an emergency landing in a field near 1991 West Plymouth Avenue, Florida, on the morning of July 29.

The single-engine plane, with 2 people aboard, had to land in emergency after it lost fuel pressure.

The pilot, identified as Patrick O’Brien, and his passenger remained unhurt. The aircraft sustained minor damage.

Small Plane Crashed in Central Israel; 2 Killed

SmokeAn ultralight plane crashed near an amusement park in Rishon Lezion, central Israel, on the morning of January 25.

The plane crashed and caught fire at the airstrip while the pilot was attempting an emergency landing.

The pilot and his only passenger were killed in the crash.

Authorities believe that dense fog might have caused the accident.

Ultralight Crashes in Fox River; 1 Dead, 1 Hospitalized

A two-seater ultralight aircraft crashed in the Fox River in Dayton, near Chicago, on June 23.

The pilot, Nicholas Peterson of Arizona, was able to survive the crash; he was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital, Ottawa for treatment. However, his passenger, identified as Jeffrey Carpenter, 50, of Chicago, died and his body was removed from the River next morning at about 6:45 a.m.

The pilot told the officials that the accident happened due to some engine problems in the aircraft.

According to Chief Mick Garrison of Marseilles Fire Protection District, the plane took off from the headquarters of Skydive Chicago, located nearby. He also said, “We believe it happened about 8:30 and the one individual was able to get out of the crash and he later called for help shortly after 10 [p.m.] or thereabouts.”

The FAA along with the sheriff’s office and coroner’s office are investigating the accident.

Ultralight Emergency landing, takeoff, crash

On January 10, 2013, a Jabiru J200 ultralight piloted Dennis Horn and co-pilot Manfred Scherbius made a successful emergency landing on the beach crashed on takeoff when it stuck the water. The accident occurred on Martins Bay beach, near Warkworth New Zealand. Nobody on the beach was injure, which is a feat, because the beach was crowded with people in a sandcastle competition. On the takeoff attempt, a wing and propeller broke. The pilot and co-pilot walked away from the incident.

Crashed, Stolen, Force Landings on April 1 No Joke

On April 1:

  • A privately owned Reims Cessna F172E with two aboard made an emergency landing in Nome, Norway after an engine failed. Neither of the two aboard reported injury.
  • An Ultralight suffered a mechanical failure in south Surrey, BC crashed and sustained damage. The pilot parachuted out into a field of blueberries, and was injured but survived.
  • The pilot of a Beech J35 Bonanza force landed in a cornfield in northwest Davenport, Iowa after the plane suffered a mechanical failure. THe plane was damaged. The pilot was not.
  • A privately owned Cessna 210H that took off from Bullo River Station with four aboard crashed near Cape Ford in Australia. The bodies of three of the four people aboard have been recovered. Those aboard were 45-year-old electrical contractor Stuart Sceney, his 53-year-old wife Karmi Dunn, and daughters Mekdes, 12, and Kal, 15. A search continues for the wreckage and the remaining passenger. Weather conditions hampered the search.
  • A Cessna 172 Skyhawk went down with engine troubles in Juneau County swamp, Wonewoc, Wisconsin. THe pilot Seth Pripps of Rockford, Ill was uninjured. Firefighters assisted.
  • A Caicos Express Airways Cessna 402C took off from and landed at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport and suffered a nose-gear collapse. The plane is registered to Turks and Caicos Islands. The pilot was uninjured.
  • A Cirrus SR22 was reported missing/stolen from Benton Arkansas. It was found abandoned in Casscoe Arkansas. On Monday night, the plane had been scheduled to land at Saline County Airport. When officers approached, the plane took off nearly hitting a deputy.

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