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Flybe Plane Diverts to Birmingham

flybeFlybe flight BE-1274 made an emergency landing in Birmingham, England, on August 29th.

The plane flying from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Manchester, England, was diverted after the crew became aware that one of the tires had burst during departure. An airline spokesperson said the plane was diverted as a “precautionary measure to take into consideration more favorable wind conditions”

The plane landed safely. All 76 people aboard remained unhurt.

Cathay Pacific Plane Encounters Hydraulic Leak after Landing in Hong Kong

Cathay PacificCathay Pacific flight CX-883 encountered hydraulic leak problem, after landing at Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong, China, on July 13th.

The Boeing 777-300 from Los Angeles, California, to Hong Kong had just landed when the captain observed that it was emitting smoke underneath the fuselage and reported a possible hydraulic leak.

The plane towed to the apron.

The passengers were disembarked taking preventive measures.

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