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Blue Islands Flight Makes Emergency Landing at London Southend Airport

Blue IslandsA Blue Islands flight made an emergency landing at London Southend Airport, England, shortly before 9 a.m. on January 2.

The plane was forced to land in emergency after the crew received a fire alert from one of the engines. The flight, carrying 28 passengers and 3 crew members was heading from Jersey to London City at the time.

The plane landed uneventfully and no one was injured.

The airline said, “At approximately 08:28 local this morning, the Blue Islands flight SI712 Jersey to London City Airport, with 28 passengers and three crew on-board, experienced a safety warning…As a precautionary measure, the engine was shut down, and this flight followed standard procedures and diverted to London Southend Airport. The aircraft landed safely at London Southend at 08:48…The aircraft is currently being inspected by engineers at Southend. Initial indications are that no fire took place and it appears to be a false alert.”

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