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Blue Islands Jet Hit by Lightning; Diverted to London Southend Airport

Blue IslandsBlue Islands flight SI718 had to divert and make an emergency landing at London Southend Airport in Essex, United Kingdom, at around 6:37 p.m. on January 13.

The flight, heading from Jersey to London City, was diverted after it was struck by lightning.

The ATR42 aircraft, carrying 30 passengers, landed uneventfully. None of the passengers and crew members was hurt.

Airline authorities said the aircraft was taken for inspection while the return flight to Jersey was cancelled.

Blue Islands Flight Makes Emergency Landing at London Southend Airport

Blue IslandsA Blue Islands flight made an emergency landing at London Southend Airport, England, shortly before 9 a.m. on January 2.

The plane was forced to land in emergency after the crew received a fire alert from one of the engines. The flight, carrying 28 passengers and 3 crew members was heading from Jersey to London City at the time.

The plane landed uneventfully and no one was injured.

The airline said, “At approximately 08:28 local this morning, the Blue Islands flight SI712 Jersey to London City Airport, with 28 passengers and three crew on-board, experienced a safety warning…As a precautionary measure, the engine was shut down, and this flight followed standard procedures and diverted to London Southend Airport. The aircraft landed safely at London Southend at 08:48…The aircraft is currently being inspected by engineers at Southend. Initial indications are that no fire took place and it appears to be a false alert.”

Blue Island Runway Incident, Jersey

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What: Blue Islands ATR-42-320 en route from Guernsey to Jersey
Where: Jersey-States Airport
When: June 16, 2012
Who: 43 passengers
Why: According to Blue Islands, after making a safe landing, during taxi the left-hand landing gear suffered a suspected mechanical failure and resulted in the left wing contacting the ground. Debris was scattered down the runway.

No-one was injured. Passengers disembarked through the main door, were assessed by medical staff, and left the airport with their baggage at around 1000. During the incident, the runway was closed. Flights were suspended for eight hours on June 16.

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