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Plane Crash in Kazakhstan Leaves 5 Dead

A small plane crashed in Ile district of the Almaty region of Kazakhstan, on October 3rd.

The An-28 plane was heading from Almaty to Shymkent, Kazakhstan, when it went down.

There were five people aboard at the time, including two doctors and three crew members; all of them were killed in the crash.

The cause of crash is being investigated.

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PIA Flight Diverts to Berlin due to Medical Emergency

Pakistan International Airlines flight PK791 had to divert for an emergency landing in Berlin, Germany, on February 9th.

The plane took off from Islamabad, Pakistan, and was en-route to Birmingham, United Kingdom, when a British woman passenger fell ill. The crew declared a medical emergency and diverted to Berlin.

The plane landed safely.

The patient was rushed to a hospital where the doctors pronounced her dead.

Austrian Airlines Plane Diverts to Canada due to Unruly Passenger

Austrian AirlinesAn Austrian Airlines flight had to divert and make an emergency landing at St. John’s International Airport, Newfoundland, Canada, on January 10.

Authorities said the plane, en-route from Vienna to New York, was diverted due to a 35-year-old Israeli man who was showing disruptive behavior on-board.

The plane landed uneventfully. Everyone aboard remained unhurt.

The unruly passenger was removed from the plane and was shifted to Health Sciences Center to be seen by a doctor.

Authorities said he is facing several charges including uttering threats and causing disturbance in flight.

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Turkish Airlines Plane Makes Priority Landing in Istanbul

Turkish airlinesTurkish Airlines flight TK2659 made a priority landing at Istanbul Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, on November 14.

The Boeing 737-800 was flying from Sivas, Turkey, when an asthma patient passenger fell ill mid-air. The pilot then contacted the air traffic control, saying “Our asthma patient passenger has low blood pressure. We have doctor in the cabin. Doctor is frequently checking the blood pressure. If it possible we would like to land on as soon as possible sir.”

The plane landed uneventfully. It is believed that the patient’s condition had become better during landing.

Medical Evacuation Plane Disappears West of Senegal

Senegal AirlinesA medical evacuation jet disappeared west of Dakar, Senegal, on September 5.

The private Senegalair aircraft was en-route from Burkina Faso to Dakar when it disappeared from the radar.

There were 7 people aboard at the time including a French patient, a doctor, 2 nurses and 3 crew members.

The aircraft was chartered by SOS Medicin Senegal.

3 Doctors Killed in Palos Hills Plane Crash

Plane crashA small plane crashed in a field near 101st Street and 86th Court in Palos Hills, Illinois, at around 10:40 p.m. on October 12.

The Lawrence, Kansas-bound 2000 twin-engine Beechcraft Baron Aircraft took off from Chicago Midway International Airport and went down shortly afterwards.

Three people were killed in the accident. Stormont-Vail HealthCare, based in Topeka, Kansas, said that 2 of the victims were serving at its facility. They identified them as Tausif Rehman, 34, a neurosurgeon and Ali A. Kanchwala, 36, a pulmonologist. The third victim was Maria Javaid, 37, who was the wife of Kanchwala and an interventional cardiologist at Providence Medical Center, Kansas City.

The NTSB is leading the investigation.

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