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Indian Air Force Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing due to Technical Snag

An Indian Air Force helicopter had to make an emergency landing in a field in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, on February 19th.

The MI 8 helicopter was heading from Yelahanka Air Force Station, Bengaluru, Karnataka to Sulur Air Force Station, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, when the pilot decided to land in emergency due to a technical snag.

The chopper landed safely in a field near Koppa Gate of Bannerghatta, Bengaluru.

There were 6 people aboard at the time; all of them remained unharmed.

Delta Airlines Plane makes Safe Landing in South Dakota

250px-Delta_logo.svgDelta Airlines flight DL-2845 made a safe landing at Rapid City’s Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota, on July 7th.

The Airbus A320-200, flying from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Rapid City Regional Airport, South Dakota, accidentally landed on the airport’s air force base.

The plane landed safely.

No one was injured.

Military Helicopter Crashes in Myanmar

A Myanmar Air Force helicopter crashed into a reservoir near Meikhtila, Myanmar, on April 26th.

Authorities said the Bell-206 helicopter, that took off from Meiktila airport, was on a training exercise when it went down due to engine failure.

There were two pilots aboard at the time; both of them were rescued by fishermen.

The incident is being investigated.

U.S. Air Force Plane Makes Emergency landing at Monterey Regional Airport

A U.S. Air Force KC10 tanker plane made an emergency landing at Monterey Regional Airport, California, on December 8.

Authorities said the plane that took off from Travis Air Force Base, near Fairfield, requested an emergency landing due to smoke in cabin.

The plane landed safely. There were five crew members aboard at the time; all of them remained unharmed.

Two Killed as Small Plane Crashes near Colorado Springs Airport

A small plane crashed near Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on November 9.

The Cirrus SR22 single-engine, low-wing plane had just taken off from the Colorado Springs Airport when it lost power and went down.

There were two people aboard at the time; both of them were killed in the crash. They were identified as Mike Fritzel and Paula Fritzel, both 63.

The FAA was investigating.

Air Force Jet Crashes in Western Ecuador; 2 Killed

An air force jet crashed near the airport in Salinas in Santa Elena, western Ecuador, on March 18.

The accident happened at around 7:40 a.m. when the FAE 026 aircraft was on a training flight.

Both people aboard the plane were killed in the crash.

President Rafael Correa expressed his grief on Twitter, saying, “Training plane T34 had an accident in Salinas. Captain E and Cadet R died. The Fatherland mourns them. Our love to the families.”

The crash is under investigation.

Sri Lankan Air Force Plane Crashed in Hokandara; 4 Dead, 1 Injured

FireA Sri Lankan Air Force plane crashed in Hokandara, at around 6:15 a.m. on December 12.

The Antonov-32 aircraft was heading from Bandaranaike International Airport to Ratmalana airport when it crashed into a rubber estate in Wanaguru Mawatha.

Atleast 4 people were killed in the accident while another was shifted to Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital with burn injuries. Authorities said he was later transferred to the General Hospital considering the seriousness of his injuries.

Air force spokesperson Wing Commander Gihan seneviratne confirmed the accident saying that in his last communication with the control tower, the pilot reported that the airstrip was not visible due to bad weather.

The accident remains under investigation.

2 Killed in Bolivian Military Aircraft Crash

mexicocrashA small military plane crashed in a Santa Cruz aerodrome in Bolivia, on October 15.

The Bolivia-made Tiluchi FAB-542 was rehearsing a landing maneuver for the anniversary of the Bolivian air force when it went down.

Authorities confirmed that 2 people aboard the aircraft, a colonel and a lieutenant, were killed in the accident.

The cause of crash is not clear at the moment.

US Fighter Jet Crashes in Lincolnshire; Pilot Survives

fireA US Air Force fighter jet caught fire after crash landing in a field near Broadgate in Weston Hills, Spalding in Lincolnshire, UK, at around 3:30 p.m. on October 8.

The incident happened when the F-15D aircraft was on a training flight after taking off from RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk.

The US Air Force confirmed the incident and said that the pilot had ejected. He was taken to RAF Lakenheath hospital with minor injuries.

According to the Base commander Colonel Robert Novotny, “We don’t know what caused the crash…We’re just fortunate we got our pilot back and this crash didn’t cause any more damage.”

Indonesian Air Force Bravo Made Emergency Landing in Central Java

An AS-202 Bravo aircraft from Air Squadron 101 of the Indonesian Air Force made an emergency landing in a paddy in Jogodayoh village, Sukoharjo, Central Java, Indonesia, on August 12.

The training plane, which took off from Adi Soemarmo at 11 a.m., experienced a technical problem during the flight and landed in emergency around 57 minutes after takeoff.

The plane landed safely and the pilot instructor, Maj. Surono, and his student, First Sgt. Tama, who were the only 2 people aboard, survived unhurt.

The aircraft was manufactured in 1980s and was based at Adi Soemarmo Airport in Surakarta.

Air Force spokesperson Com. Hadi Tjahjanto said, “I cannot yet report anything about the condition of the AS-202 Bravo as we must wait for examination results from the Air Force Aviation Safety Agency.”

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