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NTSB Assisting in Lion Air Boeing Investigation

In George’s Point of View

As I stand here on the balcony of my Cancun suite snapping a video of a gathering far below on the beach, the force of the wind off the ocean nearly knocks me off my feet.

Yes, my Air Crash Consultant mind is at work, even when I’m relaxing on a vacation.

I can’t help but think of the Lion Air Boeing that came down on approach to Ngurah Rai Airport and cracked in two on impact with the ocean. It didn’t fall far in terms of being a plane. I have heard it was flying 100 feet below where it should have been, which makes me wonder if the same winds that are knocking me over contributed to the crash. Trust the investigation to uncover the truth of what made this brand new plane to be a write off. It’s still a miracle of engineering that there were no fatalities, and only 45 injuries, and of those, only five still hospitalized one day later.

The NTSB is joining the investigation, important enough news that it is announced on a Sunday.

The NTSB is sending a team of investigators to assist the government of Indonesia on its accident investigation of a Lion Air Boeing 737-800.

On April 13, 2013 at about 3:15 p.m. local time, the airplane crashed on approach to Ngurah Rai Airport, due to unknown circumstances. There were no fatalities reported.

As the U.S. is the state of design and manufacture of the Boeing 737, NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman has appointed Senior Air Safety Investigator Dennis Jones as the traveling U.S. accredited representative. Dennis Jones is leading a team of investigators specializing in airplane structures, systems, and survival factors, as well as advisers from the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing.

The investigation is being conducted by the Indonesia National Transportation Safety Committee which will release all information.

Lot Airlines Temporary Boeing Fix

Pending solutions for the incidents involving the aircraft’s lithium-ion battery produced by Tokyo- based GS Yuasa Corp, while waiting for Boeing 787’s to come out of hibernation, from April 12 to the end of May Lot Airlines is leasing an Airbus SAS from Portugal’s Hi Fly. The A330 flies 18 in business and 288 in coach.

Lot purchased 8 eight 787s, and has received two, one of which is Warsaw, and the other stranded in Chicago.

If Dreamliner operations remain suspended beyond that date, the lease can be extended

Sriwijaya Runway Overrun

On March 27, a Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-500 en route from Medan to Padang had a runway overrun when landing at Padang at 18:00.

The plane came to rest past the end of the (8860 feet) pavement.

The Sriwijaya Boeing that skidded and closed the runway at Minangkabau International Airport on Wednesday 3/27/2013 has been successfully evacuated and moved across the airport apron.

Minangkabau Airport flight activity is now running normally.

There were no injuries when the aircraft registered as PK-CLJ skidded off the runway.

The number of passengers aboard was not released.

src: http://www.indo-aviation

Feline Survives Plane Landing on His House

A feline survivor has been found in the crash of the Beechcraft plane that killed Steve Davis, 60, and Wes Caves, 58.

Zuul the cat emerged from the construction site where the plane impacted residences. Zuul has suffered some minor injuries, but seems to have at least eight lives left.

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Germanwings Airbus Diverts to Prague

While a Germanwings Airbus A319-112 was en route from Moscow to Stuttgart, the plane issued warnings. Pilots diverted to Prague-Vaclav Havel (Ruzyne) Airport in the Czech Republic.

Airport fire and rescue services responded to the scene according to the airport air crash consultant spokesperson

THere were 144 passengers and five crew aboard the Airbus A320. There were no injuries reported on landing.

A replacement plane was sent from Cologne.

Aviation Oriented Jobs Projections

Food for Sequestration thoughts:

  • Closing small airports.
  • Cut FAA Funding.
  • Cut 168 contractor-staffed air traffic control towers nationwide on April 1
  • Cut 21 (more) towers by Sept. 30.
  • Cut passenger and cargo capacity.
  • Cut Up to 132,000 aviation jobs.
  • Cut $80 billion a year from the nation’s gross domestic product
  • Cut two billion pounds of freight capacity

Aviation Jobs are still in demand, but expect inevitable cuts especially with new hires.

American Airlines advertising vacancies for 1,500 flight attendants and got 22,000 applications. US Airways got about 20,000 applications for 420 vacancies. Delta announced an opening for some four hundred flight attendants. Over 50,000 people applied for the job. According to AVjobs, a flight attendant makes between $14.50 and $20.49 per hour. An A & P Mechanic makes between $16.47 and $30 per hour. A mechanical engineer makes between $45,000 and $90,000 per year. A member of the flight crew makes between $24,000.00 and $100,000 per year. *

United Airlines Extends SF International Maintenance Op Center Lease
United Airlines is now committed for ten years to the San Francisco Airport area. UA and the San Francisco Airport Commission signed a ten year extension on the airline’s existing Maintenance Operations Center at San Francisco International Airport. The 130-acre San Francisco Maintenance Operations Center employs about 3,500 maintenance workers. According to United’s senior VP of tech, “The lease extension on our San Francisco Maintenance Operations Center benefits our people, our customers and the Bay Area. United’s investment underscores our commitment to San Francisco, the Maintenance Operations Center and its role in supporting the industry’s premier trans-Pacific hub.”

In George’s Point of View

I agree with Harrison Ford.

Harrison Ford said “Accidents are going to happen.”

Accidents have been happening all along. Expect more of them.

*Data from AV Jobs

Four Killed in Helicopter Crash in New South Wales

On March 21, 2013 at about 1215 Eastern daylight-saving time, a Bankstown Heliport Robinson R44 on a private flight from Bankstown to Bulli Tops, New South Wales with four aboard suffered a terrain collision near Panorama House in Bulli Tops near Wollongong in NSW.

Emergency services arrived on the scene around 1:43 pm. After the crash, the helicopter burned. Thirty units responded to the scene.

The ATSB is investigating.

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