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Delta Plane Returns to Georgia after Engine Failure due to Bird Strike

Delta Airlines flight DL-2042 had to return and make an emergency landing at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Georgia, on March 11th.

The McDonnell Douglas MD-90 flying to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, had to return after one of its engines failed due to bird strike.

The plane landed safely.

No one was injured.

Ukraine International Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Tbilisi

Ukraine International Airlines flight PS-515 made an emergency landing in Tbilisi, Georgia, on February 4th.

The Boeing 737-800 plane flying from Kiev, Ukraine, was on approach to Tbilisi when the crew reported a flaps problem and climbed back.

The plane subsequently landed at a higher than normal speed.

All one hundred and thirty-two passengers and six crew members remained unharmed.

Delta Airlines Plane Returns to Atlanta due to Pressurisation Issue

Delta Airlines flight DL-9958 had to return and make an emergency landing in Atlanta, Georgia, on April 28th.

The Boeing 767-300 plane took off for Boston, Massachusetts, but had to return shortly afterwards due to a pressurisation issue.

The plane landed uneventfully. Everyone aboard remained safe.

Small Plane Crashed in Barrow County, GA; Two Killed

A small plane crashed at Barrow County Airport in Winder, Georgia, on February 16th.

Barrow County Emergency Services Captain Scott Dakin said the airport employees spotted the wreckage while coming back after the lunch break. “When they came down the road they did see the plane in the wood line just along the road here… They called it in, upon our arrival we did have a small fire that was handled by our guys,” he said.

Two people were killed in the crash. They were identified as Shannon Ewing, and his nephew, Henry Ewing.

The accident is being investigated.

KLM Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Atlanta

KLM flight KL-624 had to return and make an emergency landing in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 8th.

The plane took off for Amsterdam, Netherlands, but had to return shortly afterwards after the crew detected a water leak into the avionics.

The plane landed back uneventfully. All 325 people aboard remained safe.

Delta Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Atlanta

Delta Airlines flight DL-2274 had to return for an emergency landing in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 18th.

The plane took off for Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, but had to turn back after the right engine emitted a loud bang.

The crew had shut down the faulty engine before the plane landed back safely. All passengers and crew members remained safe.

Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Georgia due to Fuel Shortage

A small plane had to divert and make an emergency landing on Interstate 20 in Covington, Newton County, Georgia, on September 10th.

The Cessna 172 flying from Valdosta to Monroe, Georgia, ran out of gas when the pilot decided to make emergency landing.

The plane landed uneventfully. The pilot remained unharmed.

Atlanta-Bound Delta Airlines Plane Loses Cabin Pressure

250px-Delta_logo.svgDelta Airlines flight DL-2129 made an emergency landing in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 1st.

The plane was flying from Rochester, New York, when it lost cabin pressure, prompting the pilots to accelerate the descent.

The plane landed safely. Everyone aboard remained unharmed.

Passengers reported that the oxygen masks were deployed.

American Airlines Plane Diverts to Georgia due to Cracked Windshield

American EagleAmerican Airlines flight AA-1090 had to divert and make an emergency landing at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, on April 29th.

The Boeing 757-200, flying from Miami, Florida, to Chicago, Illinois, was mid-air when the crew notice a crack in its windshield, prompting to divert in emergency.

The plane landed uneventfully.

All passengers and crew members onboard remained unharmed.

The passengers were accommodated in a replacement plane.

Lufthansa Airbus Flight Cancelled over Cabin Pressure

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What: Lufthansa Airbus A319-100 en route from LH-2557 from Tbilisi to Munich
Where: Tbilisi Georgia
When: Dec 6th 2010
Who: 66 passengers
Why: While en route, the pilots found the cabin pressure was inconsistent. They returned to Tbilisi and made a safe landing. Passengers were provided alternative transportation.

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