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Two Ryanair Planes Collided at London Stansted Airport

RyanairTwo Ryanair Boeing 737-800 planes collided in the parking area of the London Stansted Airport, Essex, at around 6:50 a.m. on June 28. One of the planes was about to take off for Warsaw, Poland, while the other had just landed from Frankfurt Hahn, Germany.

The tail cone of one plane and the wing tip of the other was damaged in the collision. A spokesperson of the Stansted Airport said, “We can confirm two aircraft were involved in a minor collision while on the ground at Stansted this morning. Both planes suffered some damage but there were no reported injuries to passengers or crew.”

The passengers of the out-going flight had to face a three-hour delay before they were transferred to another plane.

Robin Kiely, the spokesperson of Ryanair, said, “Our Stansted-based engineering team are currently investigating and will repair both aircraft and return them to service as soon as possible… Ryanair sincerely apologises to the affected passengers for any inconvenience.”

Essex Police responded on the scene. They conducted routine breath tests on both of the pilots. There were no signs of alcohol. No further police action will be taken.

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Tatarstan Airlines License Revoked

Tatarstan Airlines operator of the Boeing 737-500 that crashed in November in Kazan only flies seven planes. (Maybe 6, now?) The one that crashed was leased from a Bulgarian company, with a history of minor accidents.

Fifty people died on the Tatarstan Airlines jet that dived nose-down to a fiery grave in Kazan. The investigation says that even though the two pilots were on their second go-around (i.e. second attempt to land), everything was working until impact. Recovering from the botched landing attempt, they pulled up at a too steep angle. From a height of 700 m the airplane entered a nose down attitude, reaching a -75° pitch. They died trying to dive to recover momentum, and impacted at 450 km/h.

Human error? Sleep deprivation? The crash embodies what is wrong with Russian Airlines.

Russia has withdrawn the operating license for Tatarstan Airlines due to
noncompliance by the airline with certification requirements for Russia’s civil aviation, violations of the established norms of flying hours, working and relaxation time.” The action came after it was discovered that Tatarstan Airlines breached rules regarding personnel training and rest times for flight and cabin crew. Of course, Tatarstan Airlines is

Currently there’s a political wrestling match going on whether or not to ban planes over twenty years old.

In my opinion? They could buy all the new planes they want, but unless they supplement with proper training and rest protocols, safety issues will remain the same.

Video of Impact

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Fender Bender in the Netherlands

On December 13, 2013, at Amsterdam-Schiphol International Airport, a US Airways (737-8K2) #N202UW was taxiing when it struck a parked Boeing 737-8K2 belonging to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (PH-BXK).

The winglet of the parked plane was knocked off. Both planes sustained damage. There were no reports of injury, but the incident caused passenger delays.

We found the image of the accident on Twitter.

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Painful Search Continues in Laos

photographer Teerawut W

Retrieval of the Lao Airlines plane that crashed in the Mekong river on a go-around has been hampered by primitive conditions. The plane has only been in service since March 2013.

The plane encountered a strong gust of wind, its nose lifted, then the ATR-72-600 impacted near Done Kho Island. Although the accident was on the 19th, and investigators have detected signals from the flight data recorders, rustic conditions, poor visibility and turbulent river eddies have prevented recovery of the black boxes. Divers have had to use ropes in the muddy water.

Forty-four victims had been recovered from the swollen river in Laos. The bodies have been subject to significant drift, due to the forceful currents.

Four crew, the Cambodian captain, plus 16 Laotians, seven French travellers, six Australians, five Thais, three South Koreans, two Vietnamese, and one national each from the United States, Canada, Malaysia, China and Taiwan were aboard.

This is Lao Airlines first fatal crash in 13 years.


Nordwind Plane Fender Bender in Thailand

On August 14, 2013, a Nordwind Airlines Boeing 767 300 en route from Bangkok to Irkutsk, with 284 passengers aboard was (standing) on the ground when it was struck by a vehicle.

None of the passengers aboard were injured–expressed by Phuket news as “no human casualties” but the plane suffered damage.

The plane was on the ground in Suvarnabhumi, Thailand. Passengers (we hope) were provided alternate transportation, but there’s no indication we could find of what those circumstances might be.

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