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Regional Express Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Adelaide

Regional Express Airlines flight ZL-4768 made an emergency landing in Adelaide, Australia, on May 12th.

The plane flying from Kingscote, Australia, was on final approach to Adelaide when the crew went around and reported a hydraulic issue.

The plane subsequently landed safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

Regional Express Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing due to Engine Issue

Regional Express Airlines flight ZL-5361 had to return and make an emergency landing in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, on February 1st.

The plane took off for Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia, but had to turn back due to an engine problem.

The plane landed safely. All twenty people aboard remained safe.

REX Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Dubbo, New South Wales

Regional Express Airlines flight ZL-821 had to return for an emergency landing in Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia, on March 23rd.

The plane took off for Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, but had to turn back after its right hand engine failed.

The plane landed back safely. All 23 passengers and 3 crew members remained unharmed.

REX Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Propeller Falls Off

A Regional Express Airlines plane made an emergency landing at Sydney Airport in New South Wales, Australia, on March 17th.

The Saab 340B plane flying from Albury, New South Wales, Australia, was on approach to Sydney when a propeller fell off.

The plane landed safely. All 16 passengers and 3 crew members remained unharmed.

The incident is being investigated.

Regional Express Airlines Jet Makes Emergency Landing at Orange Airport

RexRegional Express Airlines Flight ZL936 had to make an emergency landing at Orange Airport, New South Wales, Australia, at around 2 p.m. on January 12.

Authorities said the Saab 340 plane was heading from Sydney to Broken Hill when the crew requested permission for emergency landing due to an “alleged fault” in one of the engines.

The plane landed uneventfully and all 28 passengers and 3 crew members remained unharmed.

The airline made alternative arrangement for the passengers.

The incident is under investigation.

Sticky Sensor Causes Hair-Raising Rex Emergency landing in Moroya

What: REX flight ZL114 en route from Merimbula to Moruya to Sydney
Where: Moruya airport
When: Mar 09, 2012
Why: First the flight was delayed.

Then it made a scheduled landing in Moruya; but ten minutes after it took off, the pilot saw the engine overheating, and had to return to Moruya.

Alarmed passengers felt a jolt when an engine was shut down. They didn’t know the alarm indicated one engine was on fire but some noticed that one propeller was down.

Passengers were relieved by the safe landing in Moruya with emergency services from Moruya, Broulee, and NSW Fire and Rescue standing by.

Interviews of the passengers indicate a range of emotions-passengers who were calm because flight crew was calm, alarmed because the flight crew looked worried, alarmed by the engine failure and inactive propellor, but everyone was relieved to be on the ground.

Some of the stranded passengers continued to their destination on the alternative flight provided by Rex, which left at 11:20 a.m. their lives made more difficult after missing connecting flights; at least one decided to return home.

Maintenance discovered no engine fire, but said that a faulty sensor might have been waterlogged. Rex engineers were scheduled to fly in to check out the plane.

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