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Orenair Plane makes Emergency Landing in Russia due to Tyre Burst

orenairOrenair flight R2-508/UN-852 had to make an emergency landing at Vnukovo International Airport, Moscow, Russia, on October 26.

The Boeing 777-200, flying from Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, had to be landed in emergency after one of its main tyres burst.

The plane landed safely.

Everyone aboard remained unhurt.

Orenair Engine Shut Down

Pictured: An Orenair Boeing 737-8AS
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What: Orenair Boeing 737-800 en route from Samara Russia to Hurghada Egypt
Where: Samara
When: Nov 5th 2009
Who: 165 passengers, 7 crew
Why: While en route to Hurghada, the crew had to shut down an engine. They flew back to Samara and made a safe landing. Passengers debarked, and boarded an alternate Tupolev for their flight.

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