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Executive Jet Makes Emergency Landing at Shannon

Shannon AirportAn executive jet, registered to New York-based Constellation Leasing, had to make an emergency landing at Shannon Airport, Ireland, on February 1.

The Dassault Falcon 900EX jet was en-route to an airport in the United Kingdom when the crew reported issues with its fuel system and declared an emergency.

Emergency services personnel were ready at the scene when the plane safely landed at around 3:45 p.m.

There were 6 passengers and crew members aboard at the time; none of them was harmed.

The aircraft was taken for examination while arrangements were made to transport passengers to London.

Hot Landing at Shannon No AF447 or MH370, Kudos to Crew

Seventy minutes after a mayday when a cargo of vegetables (peppers and flowers) set off a smoke alarm, Air France flight AF-733 made an emergency landing at Shannon Airport today at 9.55am. The flight was en route from Santo Domingo to Paris with 142 passengers and 14 crew when they diverted.

Emergency services, Shannon based Irish Coast Guard helicopter, the fire department, the RNLI lifeboat at Kilrush, and HSE ambulances were on standby as passengers disembarked via stairs. Passengers are being accommodated in the terminal as they wait for an alternative flight.

No fire or heat spots were detected aboard.

After AF447–the deadliest in the history of Air France–it is always alarming to hear of an issue aboard an AF trans-Atlantic flight. That Air France Rio de Janeiro-Paris flight crashed on June 1, 2009 and led to an exhaustive but successful multi-phase ocean search. On April 3, 2011, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution located the debris field.

While today’s thermal food was both alarming and anti-climactic, it was also a successful demonstration of contemporary aviation accident prevention. We are well familiar with how investigations of safety issues contribute to making flight safer, but rarely do we give credit to crew resource management. How the crew responds to the crisis, (even when it is just a sensitive alert that goes off), how well coordinated and cool-headed the crew is can mean the difference between life and death.

We don’t need to think of AF447, or even Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, to appreciate the integrated clockwork of a well-trained crew; but it does make us wonder if those crews were as well-trained as the one on this jet today, if either of those tragedies might have been prevented.

Smoking Phone Diverts International Flight

What: American Airlines Boeing 767-300 flight AA199 en route from Milan to New York
Where: Shannon
When: Sept 13 2010
Who: 167 passengers
Why: While the plane was en route, a passenger was charging his cell phone, which started overheating, which set off the fire alarm in the lavatory. The flight diverted to Shannon, where it made a safe landing.

Fire crews at Shannon were on standby during the emergency landing. Airport aircraft maintenance company engineers examined the plane and discovered the melted phone.

Cargo Plane with Engine Shut Down Diverts to Shannon’s Long Runway

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What: Polet Aviakompania Antonov AN-124-100 en route from Goose Bay, Newfoundland, Canada to Frankfurt-Hahn Germany
Where: North Atlantic
When: August 14, 2010
Who: 6 member crew
Why: 1,000km northwest of Ireland, the Antonov (world’s largest serially built cargo aircraft) developed oil pressure problems in one engine and had to shut it down. The pilots diverted to Shannon which took two hours to reach, and they made a safe landing on a 3.2km runway. No injuries reported.

Ill Alitalia Pilot Down in Shannon

Pictured: an Alitalia Boeing-767-3S1
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What: Alitalia Boeing 767, travelling from Milan in Italy to New York’s JFK
Where: Shannon Airport
When: Wednesday April 15 2009 5 PM
Who: 168 passengers and eleven crew
Why: When the pilot became ill, the flight landed at Shannon Airport. The pilot was hospitalized in Limerick and the passengers were treated to an overnight hotel stay and will continue to JFK on Thursday. Rumor on the pilot network is that the pilot had a heart attack.

iLVolo.it says it in Italian

Ryanair Emergency Landing at Shannon

What: Ryanair plane en route from the UK
Where: Shannon Airport
When: shortly before 4pm in the afternoon feb 15
Who: 177 passengers and crew
Why: the pilot notified Shannon Airport control tower that it had a tire problem, performed a flyby to verify the condition of the landing gear, and then landed without further problems.

UA Emergency Landing in Shannon

What: United Airlines flight 952 en route from Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. to Frankfurt in Germany
Where: emergency landing at Shannon Airport. Shannon Airport is reducing from 280 staff to being manned by skeleton staff of fewer than five Aer Lingus ground personnel; but emergency services were deployed.
When: Friday October 17 2008 landing safely at landed safely at 6.13am
Who: 190 passengers and crew
Why: A technical problem in the cockpit area resulted in smoke entering the flight deck. A replacement plane was provided for the passengers.

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