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Indonesian Military Plane Crashed in Papua; 13 Killed

An Indonesian military plane crashed into a mountain in Papua province of Indonesia, on December 18th.

The Hercules C-130 plane took off from Timika, Papua, and was preparing to land in Wamena, Papua, when it went down.

There were 13 people aboard the plane, including 3 pilots and 10 passengers; all of them were killed in the crash.

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Plane Carrying Medan Crash Victims’ Dead Bodies Aborts Take-Off Twice

A Hercules A-1321 military plane had to cancel take-off from Soewondo Air Force Base in Medan, Indonesia, twice, on July 3.

The airplane was prepared to transport 14 dead bodies of the victims of June 30 Hercules crash in Medan, along with their families, to Ranai, Natuna, Riau Islands in Indonesia. However, it had to abort its take-off at 6:30 a.m. due to engine malfunction.

Later, the plane was again prepared to depart but the flight was aborted for the second time due to low visibility and bad whether at 6 p.m.

The passengers and dead bodies were transported in a CN-235 airplane later.

Algerian Plane Crash Kills 77, One Survivor

Seventy-seven people were aboard a twenty-four year old missing C-130 Hercules (#7T-WHM) that was flying from Tamanrasset to Constantine when it crashed into Mount Fortas in Algeria. The wreckage was discovered on Feb 11, 2013. The Algerian TV and Radio initially reported 102 fatalities, but updates say there were 78 aboard.

The Military Lockheed C-130H-30 Hercules was flown by Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Jaza’eriya.

There were four members of the crew and seventy-four passengers which included men, women and children. The assumption is that these were soldiers and military families.

One soldier aboard the military transport survived; he is hospitalized in a military hospital in Algiers.

The plane broke into three parts on impact. Fifty-five bodies were recovered on the rugged terrain in showy conditions.

Lockheed Martin who built the plane will be assisting the investigation. The plane may have been on approach to Constantine Airport.

New Norwegian Hercules Splinters into Kebnekaise Mountain

N. Military/Sp.Forces

What: Norwegian military Hercules C-130-J cargo plane en route from Evenes military base to Kiruna Sweden (military exercise)
Where: Kebnekaise Mountain
When: March 15, 2012
Who: 5 fatalities
Why: The plane disappeared from radar as it crossed a mountain range in northern Sweden. It apparently flew into the west side of the mountain, demolishing the plane into pieces smaller than a sheet of paper. There had been bad weather (poor visibility brought on by low clouds, snow and strong winds) at the time of the crash. Harsh weather in the area has been delaying recovery. Wreckage is strewn over a wide area on top of Robots Glacier on the western side of Kebnekaise. No signal was heard from the Hercules’ emergency transmitter.

The Norwegian armed forces indicated that the accident may have occurred when pilots flew manually instead of on autopilot. The mission involved tactical flying. Crew members lost in the crash were Lt. Col. Truls Oerpen, 46; Capt. Staale Garberg, 42; Capt. Bjoern Yngvar Haug, 40; Capt. Steinar Utne, 35; and Capt. Siw Robertsen, 45

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Hercules Lands at Kelowna

What: Canadian Department of Defense C130 Hercules
Where: Kelowna International Airport
When: Feb 01, 2011
Who: crew
Why: The Hercules cargo plane was en route and lost the use of an engine. The pilot put the plane down at Kelowna International Airport, with no reported injuries. The flight may or may not have been carrying volatile chemicals.

The incident is undergoing investigation and the plane is undergoing maintenance.

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