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Small Plane Crash in Texas Injures Father and Son

A small plane crashed near Clark Field Municipal Airport in Stephenville, Texas, on March 26th.

The 1974 Grumman Lynx plane was flying from Dallas when it ran out of fuel and landed nose down, around 1 mile from the airport.

The plane was carrying two people at the time, including the pilot Richard Abila, 40, and his son Aaron Abila, 17. Both of them were injured and were taken to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.

Small Plane Crashes near Tipton Airport; 2 Injured

Tipton AirportA Grumman American AA-1 aircraft crashed in woods around half mile west of Tipton Airport near Fort Meade, Maryland, on February 8.

The incident happened shortly after the plane took off from Tipton Airport, with 2 people aboard.

Authorities said both occupants of the plane were extricated from the wreckage and shifted to hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. They were identified as Thomas Cline, 82, of Silver Spring and Jeff Barnett, 57, of Glen Burnie.

The FAA and the NTSB is investigating.

Twin-Engine Aircraft Crashes at Idaho-Montana Border

A twin engine plane (#N888GG) crashed and caught fire at around 5:30 pm on June 17 in the parking lot at Lost Trail Pass, Conner, Montana at the summit of Lost Trail Pass on the border of Idaho and Montana.

The Ravalli County Sheriff office confirmed that the aircraft was destroyed to the extent that it was not possible to recognize that it was a Grumman G-21A. Witnesses say the plane spun down, dropped hard and flat, and on impact was immediately engulfed in flames. Nothing recognizable remained but the wing tips.

Only the pilot was aboard.

Ravalli County Sheriff and Federal Aviation Administration investigator Allen Kenitzer are looking into the details and causes of accident.

3 Americans Lost in Plane crash at Castellet Airport, France

What: Universal Jet Aviation Grumman G-1159 Gulfstream IV
Where: Le Castellet Airport, France
When: July 13, 2012
Who: 3 aboard, 3 fatalities
Why: On the ferry flight from Nice-Côte d’Azur Airport to Le Castellet, after the pilot reported problems, on landing, the airplane skidded and overshot the end of the runway. The three victims were two men aged 24 and 61, and a 30 year old woman. All three—two pilots and a flight attendant—were U.S. citizens.

The airplane broke in two. The front part came to rest in a small pond; the rear part of the fuselage came to rest among trees. A photo from the crash scene shows the thrust reversers were deployed.

Witnesses reported a large cloud of smoke and flames emerging from the plane. 57 firefighters, EMS personnel, police and rescue teams from the airport responded to the scene.
Universal Jet Aviation operates out of Boca Raton, Fl.

Agricultural Accident-two cropdusters collide

What: Miles Flying Service AT80 AIR TRACTOR AT-802A
Where: Paragould Arkansas
When: May 23, 2012, 11:35 a.m
Who: 1 severe injury, 1 fatality
Why: Two agricultural planes, a Beech Grove Grumman G164C and a Miles Flying Service AIR TRACTOR AT-802A collided in midair during an aerial application (crop-dusting) activity. The planes flew from Craighead and Greene county airstrips. One plane was flying S-N, the other was flying E-W. The planes turned into one another at the field’s corner and they impacted ground separated by 300 yards near County Road 322 and Highway 168 in Greene County.

One person on the Gurmman was fatally injured; one person on the Air tractor had serious injuries. The accident occurred sixteen miles from Paragould arkansas. A medical helicopter evacuated the injured pilot.

Grumman American AA-5 Traveler Totaled

What: Steven Leigh Emerson’s Grumman American AA-5 Traveler
Where: Yacolt, WAshington
When: July 5, 2011, 10:40 a.m
Who: Emerson Steven Leigh (owner) and passenger
Why: Emerson Steven Leigh was flying his Grumman American AA-5 Traveler when it was totaled when it crashed in Washington. Leigh and his passenger were treated on the scene. The plane had clipped trees, before it crashed into the gravel pit. Fire District 3, North Country Emergency Medical Service, East County Fire and Rescue, Camas Fire Department and Clark County Sheriff’s Office responded. The two were extricated and taken to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.

Neither man had serious injuries but the plane was totaled.

Triple S Crash Kills 4 Americans in Abu Dhabi

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What: Triple S Aviation McKinnon G-21G Turbo Goose seaplane en route from UAE to US via Riyadh, Saudi Arabi
Where: Taxiway Kilo Al Ain
When: Feb 27, 2010
Who: 4 fatalities
Why: After takeoff, the plane veered left and crashed.
The plane caught on fire on impact. 4 US citizens were killed in the crash, including Triple S owner Landon Studer and the company’s international project manager Joshua Hucklebridge. The other victims were pilots from Nevada and California. Triple S has offices in the Middle East and in Texas. The 4 aboard the flight were crew apparently, although their names have not been released.

Grumman Birdstrike Downs Plane in Louisiana.

Grumman Tiger Pictured
What: Grumman G164 fixed Wing Single-Engine
When: 02/01/2009
Who: Pilot only one on board.

Grumman Forced Landing in Goshen

What: 1978 Grumman Tiger en route from Howe, Indiana to Goshen, Indiana
Where: CR 150 East and the Elkhart/Kosciusko County Line Road Goshen Indiana
When: 01/05/2009 11:43 a.m.
Who: 2 people aboard. instructor William T. Reid and Pilot Chad L. Miller
Why: During cruise flight the prop broke off. Pilot Chad L. Miller had to make a force landing in a field in Koscuisko County in Goshen IN, The pilot had been intending to practice “stop and go/touch and go” landings at the airport in Goshen.

Update: Pacific Coastal Airlines Grumman Goose Crash, 1 survivor

What: Pacific Coastal Airlines Grumman Goose amphibious aircraft chartered to deliver personnel and supplies to an energy project under construction for Plutonic Power Corporation in Toba Valley. The flight left Vancouver at 10:17 a.m. for Powell River but never arrived.
Where: crashed in thick fog into a hillside on Thormanby Island 56 miles Northwest of Vancouver
When: Sunday
Who: 8 aboard, 1 survivor. The badly burned survivor took approximately two hours to climb down from the crash site. Terrain and foggy weather hampered rescuers.
Why: under investigation. After the crash, the fuel tanks exploded.

Fort Saskatchewan’s Thomas Wilson is the only survivor.

Deceased (as announced by Peter Kiewit Sons Co):

Kyle Adams, Maintenance Engineer, 29, Edmonton, Alberta
Jerry Burns, Equipment Operator, 42, Garibaldi Heights, British Columbia
Ajay Cariappa, Project Engineer, 34, St. Albert, Alberta
Waldemar Klemens, Engineer, 24, Burnaby, British Columbia
Matt Sawchenko, Equipment Operator, 26, North Vancouver, British Columbia
Jerry Burns and Matt Sawchenko were members or the Christian Labour Association of Canada.
Peter Kiewit Sons Co. appreciates the cooperation of the many media outlets that respected previous requests of withholding the publication of these names until such time as next of kin notifications could be assured.

Naples Fla: Grumman Tiger Crash

What: four-seat Grumman Tiger registered to Skyway IV LLC. en route from Wing South Airport in East Naples in Florida
Where: Wing South Airport
When: 6 p.m. Friday
Who: two people escaped with minor injuries, one had serious injuries and one was in critical condition. Both couples jave property in condos adjacent to the air strip. Pilot John Oros, Wendy Oros, Roy Myers, Lora Richichi. Oros has been treated and released; Myers is at Downtown Naples Hospital.
Why: plane crashed on takeoff probably due to engine failure.

Cheetah Crash Victims Found near Colorado-Utah

What: four-seat Grumman Cheetah
Where: 40 miles northwest of Grand Junction/ 210 miles west of Denver.
When: Found Sunday September 7, 2008
Who: Charles Landry of Houston, born in 1947, and Steven or Stephen Bartlet of Green River, Wyo., born in 1958.
Why: Cause unknown. The crash is under investigation by NTSB

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