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Ural Airlines Flight Diverts to Volgograd due to Medical Emergency

Ural Airlines U6-893 made an emergency landing in Volgograd, Russia, on January 19th.

The plane heading from Moscow, Russia, to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was diverted after some passengers reported feeling sick.

The plane landed safely. At least two people were taken to a hospital while several others received treatment at the airport.

Onur Air Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Russia

Onur Air flight 8Q-877 had to divert and make an emergency landing in Volgograd, Russia, on May 20th.

The Airbus A321-200 plane heading from Antalya, Turkey, to Chelyabinsk, Russia, was diverted due to loss of cabin pressure.

The plane landed safely. All two hundred and twenty-six passengers eight crew members remained unharmed.

UVT Aero Jet Returns to Kazan due to Cracked Windshield

uvt aeroUVT Aero flight UW-535 had to return and make an emergency landing in Kazan, Russia, on December 1st.

The Canadair CRJ-200 jet took off for Volgograd, Russia, but had to return shortly afterwards after its windshield cracked midair.

The plane landed back safely. All 16 passengers and 2 crew remained unharmed.

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