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Norwegian Air Shuttle Flight Returns to Oslo due to Problem with Toilets

Norwegian Air Shuttle flight DY-1156 had to return and make an emergency landing in Oslo, Norway, on January 27th.

The Boeing 737-800 plane took off for Munich, Germany, but had to turn back due to an issue with the toilets.

The plane landed back safely. All passengers and crew members remained unharmed.

United Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in San Francisco

United Airlines flight UA-1219 had to divert and make an emergency landing in San Francisco, California, on January 14th.

The Boeing 757-200 plane heading from Denver, Colorado, to Lihue, Hawaii, was diverted after all toilets became full.

The plane landed safely.

United Express Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Nashville

United ExpressUnited Express flight 3550 made an emergency landing in Nashville, Tennessee, on September 5th.

The plane heading from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Houston, Texas, was diverted due to an unruly passenger. Authorities said the male passenger caused “extreme concern for passengers and the flight crew”, as he broke out of toilet’s door and shouted in Arabic.

The plane landed safely in Nashville.

The man, identified as Mohammed Nasser Aldoseri, 26, was arrested.

Air Berlin Jet Diverts to Turkey to Kick Out Elderly Woman for Using Wrong Toilet

air berlinAn Air Berlin flight made an emergency landing at Erzurum Airport in Turkey, on October 21.

The pilot requested an emergency landing after an elderly Slovakian woman used the toilet reserved for business class travelers. The plane was en-route from Vienna, Austria to Abu Dhabi, UAE at the time. According to Edita Kmetova, 60, she got sick mid-flight and had to use business class toilet because economy class toilet was already in use. When she came out, the pilot, business class passengers, and stewardesses confronted her and handcuffed her for the rest of the flight.

The plane landed safely in Erzurum. According to the airport manager Abubekir Özcan, he asked the crew to un-cuff her and took her for questioning. However, since she had no criminal record, she was released.

Özcan also said he had requested the pilot to allow Kmetova to continue her journey as she had no money and looked devastated. But the pilot took off without her.

AA Jet Makes Emergency Landing at LAX after Toilets Malfunction

American EagleAmerican Airlines Flight 005 had to divert and make an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport in California, on June 7.

The Boeing 767-300, en-route from Dallas to Honolulu, had to be diverted after 3 of its 6 toilets malfunctioned.

The plane, carrying about 5 hours of fuel, landed safely. None of the 212 passengers and 12 crew members was harmed.

The aircraft was taken for inspection.

Thomson Airways Boeing Diverts to Heathrow

A Thomson Airways Boeing 787-800 en route from Manchester to Orlando on July 12 was enroute when technical problems–an electronic issue– developed.

Pilots diverted back to Manchester, circling Wales where they dumped fuel prior to securing a safe landing with emergency services on standby. Passengers were provided an alternative flight. A dedicated team of engineers inspected # G-TUIC.

The problem was reported to be a flushing issue.

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