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TAME Airlines Plane Skids Off Runway in Ecuador

TAMEA TAME Airlines plane skidded off runway at Cuenca Airport, Ecuador, on April 28th.

The plane, performing flight EQ-173 from Quito, Ecuador, landed amid heavy rain and slided off the tarmac onto the grass.

There were 87 passengers and 6 crew members aboard at the time; none of them were injured.

The aircraft was substantially damaged.

Quito Runway Overrun

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What: Tame Embraer ERJ 190 en route from Loja to Quito Ecuador
Where: Quito Ecuador
When: Sep 16th 2011
Who: 97 passengers, 6 crew
Why: Landing in Quito in rain halfway down the runway, the jet hydroplaned past the end of the runway to the perimeter wall. Nine hundred feet past the end of the runway.

There were four injured. The incident is under investigation. The nose section appears to be smashed. The airport does not have collapsing concrete runway arresting systems.

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