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Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Flagler Beach, Florida

A small plane had to make an emergency landing in Flagler Beach, Florida, on August 20th.

The 1968 Mooney plane caught fire after landing on the State Road 100 bridge.

There were two people aboard at the time; both of them remained uninjured.

The FAA is investigating.

U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing in Coronado

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter made an emergency landing in an empty parking lot near Silver Strand State Beach in Coronado, California, on August 8th.

Authorities said the crew decided to land as a precaution after a warning light in the cockpit came on.

The helicopter landed safely. Everyone aboard remained unharmed.

Air Wisconsin Plane Diverts to State College due to Issues with Rudder

Air Wisconsin flight ZW-4245/ AA-4245 had to divert and make an emergency landing at the University Park Airport of State College, Pennsylvania, on May 3rd.

The Canadair CRJ-200 flying on behalf of American Airlines was en-route from Philadelphia to Milwaukee, Wisconsin when it had to divert due to strange motions at high speed and some issue with the rudder.

The plane landed safely.

All 22 people aboard remained safe.

Brazil Supreme Court Judge Overseeing Corruption Probe Killed in Plane Crash

A small plane crashed in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on January 19th.

The plane had taken off from Sao Paulo shortly before it went down near the coastal town of Paraty.

The plane was carrying 3 people, including Brazilian supreme court Justice Teori Zavasck. All of them were killed in the crash.

Justice Zavasck was overseeing an investigation into a billion-dollar bribery scandal involving a group of elected officials.

Military Chopper Crashes in Nigeria

A military helicopter crashed in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria, on November 24.

According to sources, the Augusta AW101 Chopper had landed but it suddenly moved up again and tumbled.

There was only one person aboard, who sustained minor scratches.

The incident remains under investigation.

Small Plane Crashes in New Jersey; Pilot Killed

A small plane crashed in a marshy area of Bass River State Forest, New Jersey, on the afternoon of November 20th.

According to sources, the aircraft was flying from Maryland to the Ocean County Airport.

William Lindley, 75, who was the only person aboard, lost his life in the crash.

The incident remains under investigation.

Azul Brazilian Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Brazil

AzulAzul Brazilian Airlines flight AD-2533 made an emergency landing in Ipatinga, Minas Gerais state, Brazil, on November 3rd.

The plane took off for Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, but had to return shortly afterwards due to a technical issue.

The plane landed safely. Everyone aboard remained unharmed.

Small Plane Crashes in Wisconsin; 2 Killed

A small plane crashed in Peninsula State Park, Green Bay, Door County, Wisconsin, on September 18th.

The Cessna 182 was carrying a pilot and a teenage flying student when it went down.

Both people aboard were killed in the crash.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Trans State Plane’s Wing Tips Strike Whilst Landing

Trans State flight AX-4615/UA-4615 made a safe landing at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, Saint Louis, Missouri, on February 23.

The Embraer, en-route from Chicago, Illinois, to Saint Louis, struck the wing tips onto the runway while landing.

The plane received minor damage to its wings.

All people aboard remained unharmed.

Metrojet Flight 9268 Crash: Egyptian President Says the Plane was Deliberately Downed

Egyptian authorities have said for the first time that the Russian commercial jet that crashed on 31st October last year in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula was deliberately downed by terrorists.

Metrojet flight 9268 was heading to St. Petersburg, Russia, when it went down, killing all 224 people on-board. Islamic State had immediately claimed the responsibility, and Moscow’s investigation report had also claimed that a bomb downed the plane. However, the local authorities previously rejected these claims and maintained that a technical fault caused the accident.

In a television speech on February 24th, the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said, “Has terrorism ended? No it has not, but it will if we unite. Whoever downed the Russian plane, what did he mean? He meant to hit tourism, and to hit relations with Russia.”

Sisi’s comments are the first official indication from Egypt that the plane was deliberately crashed.

Drone Crashes into Empire State Building; Owner Arrested

A drone crashed into the 40th floor of the Empire State Building in New York, on February 4.

According to the owner Sean Nivin Riddle, 29, all he wanted “was to shoot 5 seconds of video to promote a non-profit”. The drone ended up in a landing on the 35th floor.

No injuries were reported.

Riddle was taken into custody after the incident. He is facing charges of illegal aviation in and over the city, and reckless endangerment.

Government Helicopter Crashes in Mexico; 2 Dead

Helicopter crashA state helicopter crashed in a rural area of Veracruz, Mexico, on October 6.

Authorities said the Bell 430 went down near El Lencero airport, Xalapa.

There were 2 people aboard the aircraft at the time; both of them were killed. They were identified as Capt. David Barrera and Capt. Fausto Calderon.

The cause of crash is being investigated.

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