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Flybe Plane Returns to Birmingham due to Door Problem

Flybe flight BE-7049 had to return and make a precautionary landing at Birmingham Airport, Birmingham, England, on December 21st.

The de Havilland Dash 8-400 was en-route to Dusseldorf, Germany, when the crew reported that there was a problem with one of the doors.

The plane landed safely. Everyone onboard remained unharmed.

The passengers were rebooked onto other flights.

Indian Navy Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing due to Technical Glitch

50743948An Indian Navy Helicopter made an emergency landing at a beach near Alappuzha, Kerala, India, on January 27.

The Chetak helicopter was on a routine mission when it experienced a technical glitch, prompting the pilot to make a precautionary landing.

Everyone aboard remained unhurt.

A Naval spokesperson said, “A team from the Naval Base was dispatched to assist the crew and after rectification of the fault, which was minor, the aircraft returned to Kochi.”

Indian Air Force Chopper Makes Precautionary Landing in Mumbai

An Indian Air Force (IAF) helicopter made an emergency landing at Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, India, on the afternoon of October 21.

The MI-17 chopper was on a routine training sortie when it had to make a precautionary landing after developing a technical snag.

The aircraft landed uneventfully.

All 4 passengers aboard remained safe.

Canadian Air Force Helicopter Makes Precautionary Landing in Mineville

A Royal Canadian Air Force helicopter made a precautionary landing on a cul-de-sac in Mineville, Nova Scotia, Canada, at 10:40 A.M. on July 7.

The Sea King helicopter was on a routine training flight when it had to land as a precaution after the crew observed a drop in its hydraulic pressure.

None of the 4 crew members aboard reported any injuries.

Irish Prime Minister’s Plane Makes Precautionary Landing in Dublin

A plane, carrying Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, made a precautionary landing at Baldonnel Aerodrome in Dublin, Ireland, on the afternoon of June 22.

Prime Minister Enda Kenny was travelling to Brussels, Belgium from Ireland West Airport Knock, when a warning light came on in the cockpit and the pilot decided to make a precautionary landing.

The plane landed uneventfully.

Everyone aboard remained unhurt and the flight continued to Brussels after resolving the issue.

Bond Super Puma Helicopter Makes Precautionary Landing

A Super Puma helicopter, carrying 18 passengers and 2 crew members, made a precautionary landing on British Petroleum’s North Sea Platform in UK on October 29.

The chopper was heading to the Forties Unity facility of British Petroleum when a rotor alert prompted it to land at the nearby Forties Charlie platform.

The landing remained uneventful and no injuries were reported.

A Bond spokesperson said after the incident, “A technical issue was reported on an EC225 aircraft. As a routine precautionary measure the aircraft landed on the nearby Forties Charlie platform, where it will be examined by engineers.”

Bond released a statement after examination, saying, “As suspected this was an issue with the indicator, not the helicopter. It is now fully cleared for flight and completely airworthy and en route back to Aberdeen.”

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