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Military Plane Makes Emergency Landing at General Mitchell International Airport

A military plane made an emergency landing at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on May 30th.

Authorities said the KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft declared an emergency after experiencing a lightning strike over Chicago.

The plane burst two of its tires as it landed.

Everyone aboard remained safe.

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Russian Military Plane Crashed Into Black Sea, Killing 92 Aboard

A Russian military plane crashed into the black sea near Sochi, Russia, on the morning of December 25th.

The Tupolev Tu-154 plane had just taken off from the Adler airport, Sochi, when it suddenly disappeared from radar. The plane was en-route to the Hmeymim airbase in Latakia, Syria, for a New Year’s Eve concert.

All 92 passengers were killed in the crash.

The accident is being investigated.

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2 Killed After Military Plane Crashed in Jordan

A Jordan military’s propeller plane crashed in a pilot training area of Jordan, on April 6.

According to Army spokesman Col. Mamdouh Al-Amiri, the Firefly training aircraft crashed during a routine training exercise.

He confirmed that both pilots aboard the plane were killed. They were identified as Jordanian Lt. Col. Ibrahim Hasouneh and an Iraqi trainee pilot Laith Nasser.

Military Aircraft Made Emergency Landing in Bermuda

Military planeA military aircraft made a safe emergency landing at L.F. Wade International Airport, Bermuda, on May 11 at 3pm.

The eye-witnesses said that the plane was extending and retracting its landing gear repeatedly.

A police spokesman confirmed the incident and said that all the emergency protocols were observed.

The causeway remained closed for traffic during the emergency landing. The aircraft was surrounded by fire trucks and ambulances as soon as it stopped on the runway.

The cause of incident is not yet known.

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