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FedEx Federal Express Plane Diverts to New Jersey due to Fuel Leakage

FedEx Federal Express flight FX-9792 had to divert and make an emergency landing at Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark, New Jersey, on April 29th.

The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 flying from Memphis, Tennessee, was en-route to Cologne, Germany, when the crew reported fuel leakage.

The plane landed safely.

No injuries were reported.

United Airlines Plane Rejects Take-off due to Issue with Cockpit Window

United Airlines flight UA-61 rejected take-off at Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey, on July 23rd.

The Boeing 767-300 flying to Honolulu, Hawaii, had to reject taking-off due to some issue with a cockpit window.

The plane landed safely.

All 201 people aboard remained safe.

Small Plane Crashes into Texas River; 2 Killed

A single-engine Cessna plane crashed into Trinity River near Highway 105, Liberty County, Texas, on the evening of September 3rd.

According to sources, there were two men onboard and the pilot was doing flips and barrel rolls before the plane crashed.

The pilot and his friend lost their lives in the crash.

British Airways Flight Lands Safely in Newark after Security Alert

British airwaysA British Airways flight made an emergency landing at Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, on June 1st.

Authorities said a security alert was issued about the British Airways plane that was flying from London, United Kingdom.

An airline spokesperson said, “The aircraft has landed normally. Security checks will carried out as a precaution…We do not discuss details of operational security. The safety and security of our customers and crew is our number one priority.”

The plane was carrying 206 passengers and 13 crew members at the time.

United Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

United airlinesUnited Airlines Flight 38 made an emergency landing at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Ohio, on April 28th.

The plane took off from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey and was heading to Omaha, Nebraska, when it developed an engine problem, prompting the crew to declare an emergency.

The plane landed safely. There were 114 passengers and 5 crew members aboard at the time; all of them remained unhurt.

The airline arranged a replacement plane for the passengers.

United Airlines Flight Returns to Newark Liberty International Airport

United AirlinesUnited Airlines flight UA-1704 had to return and make an emergency landing at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, on March 14th.

The plane took off for Austin, Texas, but had to return shortly afterwards due to strong odor in the cabin.

The plane landed safely. Everyone aboard remained unhurt.

The incident is being investigated.

United Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Newark

United airlinesUnited Airlines flight 936 had to made an emergency landing at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, on August 16.

The flight, heading from Washington Dulles International Airport to Zurich, Switzerland, was diverted as a precaution after 4 crew members reported breathing problems.

The plane landed safely and was thoroughly inspected. Authorities said the sick flight attendants did not need medical attention after landing.

The passengers were accommodated in other flights.

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