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Plane Crash in South Sudan Leaves 19 Dead

A passenger plane crashed into a lake in South Sudan, on September 9th.

The incident happened when the plane flying from Juba was attempting to land in Yirol.

Nineteen people were killed in the crash. Four others suffered serious injuries and were shifted to a hospital.

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Cargo Plane Crash in South Sudan; 41 Killed

A cargo plane crashed into a hill at the banks of White Nile River in Juba, South Sudan, on November 4.

The Allied Services Limited Antonov AN-12B, was carrying 12 passengers and 5 crew members from Juba, to Paloich, at the time.

Among the 12 passengers and 5 crew members aboard, only 2 people survived. According to the police, the crash took lives of 41 people, including the local residents.

Preliminary investigations reveal the accident occurred due to over-load.

EgyptAir Passenger jet with Cracked Windshield Landed Safely

EgyptAirThe windshield of the EgyptAir Airbus A320-200, registration SU-GBC, cracked midair due to hail storm on September 8.

The flight MS-859, heading from Cairo, Egypt to Juba, South Sudan, continued its journey and landed safely at its scheduled destination.

None of the 76 passengers aboard were injured, however, the aircraft’s nose cone sustained some damage.

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