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El Al Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Tel Aviv

El Al flight LY-27 had to return and make an emergency landing in Tel Aviv, Israel, on June 4th.

The Boeing 747-400 plane took off for Newark, New Jersey, but had to turn back after the crew was informed that tire debris had been found on the departure runway in Tel Aviv.

The plane landed back safely. Everyone aboard remained unharmed.

Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Washington County Pasture

emergencyAn abandoned small plane was found in a pasture in Washington County, Oregon, on January 5th.

Authorities said the land-owner found the aircraft when he went to feed his cattle in the pasture.

The troopers contacted the pilot who told them he had to make an emergency landing due to mechanical issues and that he was not injured. He said he was making arrangements to bring a mechanic to the plane.

Turkish Airlines Jet Diverts to Germany Over Bomb Threat

turkishflagTurkish Airlines flight TK1617 had to divert and made an emergency landing in Nuremberg, Germany, on November 30.

According to an airline spokesperson, “The aircraft operating Turkish Airlines’ Istanbul to Frankfurt flight today has diverted to Nuremberg due to a suspicious object found onboard.”

The plane landed uneventfully. All 124 passengers remained safe.

“The necessary investigation onboard is continuing and the decision concerning the continuation of the flight to Frankfurt will be finalized according the result of such investigation,” the spokesperson said.

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