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Landing Gear Failure Forces Small Plane to Make Emergency Landing in Springbank

Small planeA Calgary Flying Club plane, carrying two club instructors, had to make an emergency landing on its belly, after its landing gear failed to extend.

The incident happened on Wednesday, April 30 at Springbank Airport near Calgary, Alberta.

Fred Burrow, the investigator from Transportation Service Board confirmed that the pilot initially tried to land at Springbank Airport at about 10am, but the plane’s landing gear failed to fully deploy. The plane was then landed in emergency, as the pilot’s efforts to resolve the issue remained unsuccessful and the plane was running short of fuel.

The landing was made with the nose lowered and the engines shut off to minimize any possible damages. The plane landed on its belly, and the passengers exited safely.

Piper Crashes in Cornfield near York Airport

What: Condor Flying Club Inc Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee en route from Fredrick, Maryland.
Where: Lincoln Highway West, Thomasville, PA
When: Jan 29, 2012, 11:00 am
Who: 1 fatality
Why: The piper crashed in a cornfield off of Lincoln Highway, a mile from the airport. The pilot, Douglas Helms of Westminster Maryland was pronounced dead at the scene. Helms will be at Lehigh Valley Hospital. The cause of the crash is unknown. An investigation is underway. The vehicle is registered to CONDOR FLYING CLUB INC
Street 16192 COASTAL HWY.

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