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Female Chinese Fighter Pilot Dies in Plane Crash

A Chinese fighter plane crashed near Tangshan in Hebei, China, on November 12th.

The aircraft, piloted by one of the first female fighter pilots in the country, was participating in a routine training exercise when it went down.

The pilot Yu Xu, 30, was killed in the crash while her co-pilot was able to eject before the impact using a parachute. He was injured and was taken to hospital.

Authorities confirmed that both pilots belonged to the Bayi Aerobatics Team of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force.

LATAM Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing due to Bomb Threat

LATAMA LATAM Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in Santiago, Chile, on November 10th.

The plane took off for Punta Arenas, Chile, but had to return shortly afterwards due to a bomb threat. It is believed that a female passenger had informed the crew that there was a bomb onboard.

The plane landed safely. Everyone aboard remained safe.

The woman was arrested while the authorities searched the plane.

British Airways Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Egypt after Passenger Falls Sick

British airwaysBritish Airways plane had to divert and make emergency landing at Cairo International Airport, Cairo, Egypt, on April 14th.

The aircraft en-route from Hurgahada, Egypt to London, UK, had to return shortly afterwards after a female passenger onboard fell sick.

The plane landed uneventfully.

The passenger was given medical assistance, and the plane resumed its flight.

Jet2 Flight Diverts to Shannon Airport

Jet2Jet2 flight LS-518 made an emergency landing at Shannon Airport, Ireland, on January 1st.

The Boeing 737-800 plane, en-route from Tenerife to Newcastle, England, was diverted after the crew reported that a disruptive and intoxicated female passenger was causing trouble.

The plane landed safely and all 161 passengers and six crew members remained unhurt.

The 42-year-old woman passenger was arrested while the plane resumed its journey after a short delay.

Two Injured as Helicopter Crashes in Sarasota County

A helicopter crashed near Kenisco Road in South Venice, Sarasota County. Florida, on December 1.

Authorities said the helicopter, that took off from Venice Regional Airport with a female student pilot and a male teacher on-board, made a rough landing in a heavily wooded area of Lemon Bay Preserve.

The student sustained facial/head injuries and was airlifted to Sarasota Memorial Hospital. The teacher was taken to Venice Bayfront Health.

The FAA is investigating.

Southwest Plane Returns to LAX after Physical Altercation Between Passengers

southwest_airlines_logoSouthwest flight 2010 had to return and make an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport, California, on October 18.

According to the airline, the plane was heading to San Francisco when the the pilot declared emergency due to a physical altercation between two passengers. Some sources reported that a male passenger choked a female passenger after she reclined the seat in front of him.

The plane landed safely. The male passenger was taken in by FBI agents for questioning.

The airline arranged an alternate plane for the remaining 136 passengers.

Medical Emergency Prompts Allegiant Air Plane to Divert to Kingman Airport

AllegiantAn Allegiant Air plane made an emergency landing at Kingman Airport in Mohave County, Arizona, on September 22.

Authorities said the flight, heading from Shreveport, Louisiana, to Las Vegas, Nevada, had to be diverted due to a medical emergency. It is believed that a female passengers started experiencing heart issues mid-air.

The plane, carrying 140 passengers, landed uneventfully.

The patient was taken off the plane and the flight resumed shortly afterwards.

IndiGo Flight Diverts due to Medical Emergency

IndiGo AirlinesAn IndiGo flight had to make an emergency landing at Devi Ahilyabal Holkar Airport in Indore, India, on August 31.

The plane was en-route from Mumbai to Lucknow when it had to be diverted due to a medical emergency. Authorities said a female passenger fell critically ill midair.

The plane landed safely.

The patient was rushed to Arihant hospital.

JetBlue Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Bermuda

JetBlueA JetBlue flight had to divert and make an emergency landing at LF Wade International Airport in Bermuda, on August 26th.

The incident happened when the Airbus A320, carrying 94 people, was heading from Boston to Puerto Rico.

According to a Department of Marine and Port Services report, “A 51-year-old female passenger was experiencing oxygen tank problems and required assistance while the aircraft crew reported mechanical problems with the cockpit floor suffering distortion suspected to be caused by heat.”

The plane landed uneventfully and everyone aboard remained unharmed.

Arkefly Flight Diverts to Ottawa International Airport

arkefly-logoAn Arkefly flight had to make an emergency landing at Ottawa International Airport in Ontario, Canada, on August 12th.

The pilots declared medical emergency after a female elderly passenger died on-board. The Amsterdam-bound B787 Dreamliner had just taken off from Toronto Pearson International Airport at the time.

The plane safely landed in Ottawa.

According to public information officer for Ottawa Paramedic Service J.P. Trottier, “The person had no vital signs on board… There were some doctors on board and CPR was started. Upon landing, paramedics took over with other treatments, but she was declared deceased.”

Ryanair Jet Diverted to Dublin Airport After Passenger Fell Sick Mid-Air

RyanairRyanair flight FR-8422 had to divert and make an emergency landing at Dublin Airport, Ireland, on August 14th.

The plane was en-route from Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, to Edinburgh, United Kingdom, when a female elderly passenger fell ill, prompting the crew to declare an emergency.

The plane landed uneventfully and the patient was immediately shifted to hospital.

The plane departed again after a short delay.

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