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PIA Flight Diverts to Berlin due to Medical Emergency

Pakistan International Airlines flight PK791 had to divert for an emergency landing in Berlin, Germany, on February 9th.

The plane took off from Islamabad, Pakistan, and was en-route to Birmingham, United Kingdom, when a British woman passenger fell ill. The crew declared a medical emergency and diverted to Berlin.

The plane landed safely.

The patient was rushed to a hospital where the doctors pronounced her dead.

UTAir Emergency Landing

UTAir Boeing 757 flight UT5179 with 237 passengers and eight crew en route from Yekatarinburg to Anatalya had to divert to Moscow when it developed depressurization in the cabin. Oxygen masks deployed.

The flight made a safe landing with emergency services on standby.

No injuries were reported. Most injuries after an emergency landing occur when passengers disembark via slides. There’s no confirmation that passengers used slides or if they disembarked normally.

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