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PSA Airlines Plane Diverts to Tennessee due to Open Door Indication

PSA Airlines flight AA-5550 had to divert and make an emergency landing at McGhee Tyson Airport, Blount County, Tennessee, on May 8th.

The Canadair CRJ-200 flying on behalf of American Airlines was flying from Nashville, Tennessee, to Washington DC, when it had to divert due to indication of open door.

The plane landed safely.

All 47 passengers and 3 crew members remained safe.

Commutair Plane Returns to New York after Engine Failure

CommutAirCommutair flight C5-4968/ UA-4968 had to return and make an emergency landing at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Cheektowaga, New York, on June 14th.

The de Havilland Dash 8-200, en-route to Washington DC, on behalf of United Airlines, had to return when the crew noticed an engine failure just after it took off. The engine had to be shut down.

The plane landed safely.

All 40 people aboard remained unhurt.

Jazz Plane makes Safe Landing in DC after Bird Strike

jazzJazz flight QK-8824 made a safe landing at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, DC, on May 16th.

The Canadair CRJ-200, en-route from Montreal, Canada, was about to land when a bird impacted one of its engines.

The plane landed uneventfully.

No injuries were reported.

JetBlue Flight Lands without Landing Gear in Bahamas

JetBlueJetBlue flight B6-29 had to make an emergency landing at Lynden Pindling International Airport, Nassau, Bahamas on March 25.

The Embraer ERJ, en-route from Washington, DC to Nassau, Bahamas was on approach to runway when the crew reported that the nose gear was inoperable, went around for a while and upon failing to retract the gear, attempted for a landing.

The plane landed successfully.

All 95 people aboard remained unharmed.

Delta Airlines Plane Diverts and Makes Emergency Landing in Washington

250px-Delta_logo.svgDelta Airlines flight DL-151 had to divert and make an emergency landing at Washington Dulles International Airport, Washington, DC, on March 17.

The McDonnell Douglas-88, en-route from Washington to Atlanta, Georgia, was climbing out of Washington when the crew reported smoke in the aircraft, prompting it to divert.

The plane landed uneventfully.

All 153 people on board remained unhurt.

The passengers were accommodated in a replacement plane.


Japan Airlines flight 471
On June 14, 1972, the DC-8 struck the banks of River Yamuna. JAL flight 471 from Tokyo to London (Tokyo-Hong Kong-Bangkok-New Delhi-Teheran-Cairo-Rome-Frankfurt-London) took-off from Bangkok. After receiving clearance for ILS approach to New Delhi Palam Airport, the aircraft crashed into the banks of Yamuna River. 86 passengers and crew onboard perished, and 3 were serious injured.

The first officer was flying the approach to Delhi. Japanese investigators claimed a false glide path signal was responsible for the descent into terrain. Indian investigators say the accident was caused by a disregard of procedures by the crew and abandoning all instrument indications without properly ensuring sighting of the runway. The accident was classified as (CFIT) Controlled Flight Into Terrain.

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