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Malaysia Airlines Plane Returns to Melbourne After Passenger Tries to Enter Cockpit

Malaysia Airlines flight MH-128 had to return and make an emergency landing in Melbourne, Australia, on May 31st.

The Airbus A330-300 plane took off for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but had to turn back after a passenger tried to enter the cockpit and claimed that he had a bomb.

The passenger, identified as a 25-year-old male, Sri Lankan Citizen, was restrained before the plane safely touched down in Melbourne. Everyone aboard remained unharmed.

Military Jets Escort Hawaii-Bound American Airlines Plane

A Hawaii-bound American Airlines plane was escorted by two fighter jets on May 19th.

American Airlines flight 31 was heading from Los Angeles, California, to Honolulu, Hawaii, when a passenger tried to break into the cockpit. The crew reported the disturbance, which prompted the Pacific Command to dispatch a pair of fighter jets for escort.

The passenger, identified as Turkish national Anil Uskanil, 25, was restrained and subdued before the plane landed in Honolulu.

“The aircraft is currently on the ground, and the individual who disrupted the flight has been detained,” the Department of Homeland Security said.

Aeroflot Flight Encounters Severe Turbulence Near Bangkok; 25 Injured

Aeroflot flight SU-270 encountered severe turbulence near Bangkok, Thailand, on May 1st.

The Boeing 777-300 plane flying from Moscow, Russia, was descending toward Bangkok when it hit clear air turbulence that injured 25 passengers.

The plane continued for a safe landing. The injured were taken to hospitals.

Pilot Killed after Small Plane Crashes in Alaska

A small plane crashed near the town of Butte in Alaska, on October 29th.

Authorities said the Cessna 172 plane crashed into a Knik River gravel bar.

The pilot, who was the only one aboard, was killed in the crash. He was identified as 25-year-old Ray Justen.

According to Alaska National Transportation Safety Board chief Clint Johnson, “Witnesses said this airplane came in, made a touch-and-go on a gravel bar and during a fairly steep climb out there was an aerodynamic stall…The airplane descended nose-first and struck the gravel bar.”

British Airways Flight Diverts to Vancouver due to Medical Emergency; 25 Taken to Hospital

British airwaysBritish Airways flight BA-286 had to divert and make an emergency landing in Vancouver, Canada, on October 24th.

The Airbus A380-800 plane heading from San Francisco, California, to London, United Kingdom, was diverted due to a medical emergency.

Authorities said the crew declared an emergency after several passengers and crew members reported feeling sick due to fumes on board.

The plane, carrying 433 people aboard, landed safely. Twenty-five people, including 5 passengers and 20 crew members, were taken to hospitals.

Small Plane Crashed in Potter County, PA; 3 Killed

A Piper PA-28 plane crashed in Potter County, Pennsylvania, on October 16th.

The plane was heading from Richmond International Airport, Virginia, to St. Catharines/Niagara District Airport, Ontario, Canada, when it went down in Keating Township.

Three were three people aboard at the time; all of them were killed in the crash. They were identified as 18-year-old Cory Mijac, 25-year-old Rifat Tawig, and 18-year-old Benjamin Jeffries. All of them were from Ontario, Canada.

The cause of crash is being investigated.

American Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing due to Flaps Problem

American AirlinesAmerican Airlines flight AA-1427 made an emergency landing in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 11th.

The Boeing 737-800, flying from Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport, Texas, was on final approach when the crew reported that the flaps are not moving from 25 to 30 degrees.

The pilot initiated a go around and 15 minutes later landed safely. No injuries were reported.

EasyJet Plane Returns to the Stand after Spanner was Spotted in the Wing

EasyjetA 25-year-old Swiss passenger prevented a potential aviation disaster after reporting that a spanner was stuck in the plane’s wing.

Just moments before the EasyJet flight EZS1465 was scheduled to take off, Christophe spotted the spanner and immediately told the airline personnel.

According to the airline, “easyJet can confirm that EZS1465 from Geneva to Copenhagen on 4 March retuned to stand prior to departure from Geneva as a result of a passenger informing crew about noticing an object in the wing… In line with our procedures, the captain took the decision to return to stand for it to be investigated. A spanner was discovered and removed and the flight departed with a small delay.”

The incident is being investigated.

CityJet Plane makes Hard Landing in Netherlands due to Technical Problem

CityJetCityJet flight WX-181 made a hard landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands, on January 25.

The Avro RJ-85, flying from London City, UK, had to enter a 25- minute hold due to some technical problem.

The plane landed safely.

No injuries were reported.

AA Flight Diverts to Indianapolis Due to Unruly Passenger

american airlinesAmerican Airlines Flight 1284 had to make an emergency landing at Indianapolis International Airport, Indiana, on September 14.

Authorities said the plane, en-route from Miami to Chicago, was diverted due to an unruly passenger. It is believed that 25-year-old Daniela Velez-Reyes, of Chicago, hit a passenger and a flight attendant.

The plane landed uneventfully.

Daniela was arrested while the plane was cleared to take off again.

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