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Virgin Australia Flight Diverts due to Bomb Threat

A Virgin Australia plane had to make an emergency landing at Brisbane International Airport in Queensland, Australia, on February 17.

The plane was heading from Sydney International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport, California, when the airline received a bomb threat and decided to divert it for an emergency landing.

The plane landed uneventfully. Everyone aboard remained unhurt.

The authorities later confirmed that the threat was a hoax.

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FBI Claims Flight Attendant Created Hoax Forcing Emergency Landing in North Dakota

SkyWestThe Federal Bureau of Investigation alleges that a flight attendant, onboard a Delta Airlines flight operated by SkyWest Airlines, created a hoax that led to an emergency landing at Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport, North Dakota, on September 9.

The documents submitted in the U.S. District Court in Bismarck allege that Justin Cox-Sever communicated false information about a suspicious package onboard and interfered with aircraft’s operation.

According to the FBI affidavit, Cox-Sever had confessed that he himself stuffed a bag with towels and later on reported it as suspicious.

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Turkish Airlines Jet Makes Emergency Landing due to Bomb Threat

Turkish airlinesA Turkish Airlines Jet made an emergency landing at Istanbul Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, on August 13th.

Emergency was declared after authorities received a phone call that claimed there was a bomb in the plane. The flight was flying from Oslo, Norway to Istanbul, Turkey at the time.

The plane landed safely and everyone aboard remained unharmed.

Authorities confirmed that no explosive device was found on inspection.

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Man Fined for Aer Lingus Jet Lockdown due to Ebola Scare

Aer LingusAer Lingus flight EI433, carrying 142 passengers, was put in lockdown on Dublin airport, Ireland, on October 29.

The incident happened after an Italian passenger wrote ‘Attentione Ebola’ on a coffee cup and handed it over to a crew member.

According to an airport spokesperson, “A passenger on board an Aer Lingus flight from Milan has made a claim during the flight that he had the Ebola virus…As a precaution the plane’s captain alerted authorities and opted not to deplane passengers pending further investigations.”

The passengers were allowed to disembark after Roberto Binaschi, 56 was arrested, along with his wife, aged 51, and daughter,aged 23.

The health officials confirmed that neither of them had Ebola virus.

The female passengers were later released without any charge while Binaschi appeared in Dublin District Court and pleaded guilty to a charge of threatening and abusive behavior on board. He was spared conviction on condition that he will give €2,500 to charity.

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Canada: Cathay Pacific Airbus Bomb Hoax, Fighter Escort

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What: Cathay Pacific Airbus A340-300 en route from Hong Kong (China) to Vancouver,BC
Where: Canada
When: May 15th 2010
Who: 280 passengers
Why: While the flight was en route, the airline received a phone call that there was a bomb aboard. Over Canada, two Canadian CF-18 Hornet fighter jets escorted the flight to Vancouver where it landed safely and was taxied to a remote location.

On examination, no bombs were found.

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