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Cape Air Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Barnstable Municipal Airport, MA

A Cape Air plane made an emergency landing at Barnstable Municipal Airport, Massachusetts, on November 16th.

The plane heading from Boston to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, was diverted due to a damaged interconnect tube between the pilot and co-pilot seats.

The plane landed safely. All five people aboard remained unharmed.

Cape Air Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Adirondack Regional Airport

Cape Air flight 1815 made an emergency landing at Adirondack Regional Airport in Franklin County, New York, on August 25th.

The Cessna 402 plane heading from Albany International Airport to Ogdensburg Regional Airport, New York, was diverted after the crew noticed an engine issue and a whiff of smoke in the cabin.

The plane landed safely. All five passengers aboard remained unharmed.

Cape Air Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Bradley International Airport

cape airA Cape Air jet had to make an emergency landing at Bradley International Airport, Connecticut, on September 16.

The ten-seater Cessna 402 plane was heading to White Plains, New York from Lebanon, New Hampshire when it experienced an engine problem, forcing the pilots to declare an emergency.

The plane landed safely.

No injuries were reported.

Cape Air Cessna Lands in Boston on One Engine

Pictured: A Cape Air Cessna 402C Utililiner
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Contact photographer Orlando G. Rivera Rivera – SJU Aviation Photography

What: Cape Air Cessna 402 en route from Lebanon to Boston
Where: Manchester-Boston Regional Airport
When: 6:30 a.m.
Who: 5 passengers
Why: After the plane developed low oil pressure in the right engine, the pilot shut it down and made a safe landing at Manchester Boston Regional Airport.

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