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Logan Emergency Landing

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What: Continental/ ExpressJet Embraer ERJ-145 en route from Manchester NH to Newark NJ
Where: Logan
When: Jan 18, 2010
Who: 44 passengers and 3 crew
Why: After taking off 6 hours late after ground stops due to the weather, after five minutes in flight, smoke in the cabin forced the pilots to divert to Logan Airport. Emergency was declared due to “smoke in the lavatory.” In the meantime, passengers were covering their faces because of the smoke. A leak, mechanical problem and possible fire was reported on the Continental flight and speculation is that de-icing fluid had infiltrated the engine, causing burn-off.

The plane landed safely at Logan, with emergency crews on standby.

37 passengers boarded another plane around 3 pm to continue to their destination.

Jet Blue Flap-free Landing in Boston

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What: JetBlue Embraer 190 en route from Charlotte, N.C., to Boston
Where: Boston
When: Nov 17, 2010, 9 a.m.
Who: 25 passengers
Why: While en route, the plane developed a problem with the flaps. After declaring an emergency, the pilot made it safely to Logan, landing without flaps.

* Note the photo of this plane in Boston last year.

American Airlines Encounters Turbulence

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What: American Airlines en route from New York to Brussels
Where: Boston
When: August 22, 2010
Who: 159 passengers, 9 crew
Why: While en route, twenty minutes into the flight, they encountered severe turbulence stemming from thunderstorms in the eastern seaboard. The situation at JFK was problematic.

The pilot diverted to Logan Airport in Boston where they made a safe landing.

Alitalia Hot Landing in Boston

What: Alitalia Airbus 330 en route from Boston to Rome
Where: Boston
When: June 15, 2010
Who: 250 passengers and crew
Why: After takeoff, the Airbus made an emergency landing at Logon Airport after the number one engine caught on fire.

The flight made a safe landing.

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