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Experimental Plane Lands in Emergency in Walcott

A 1994 experimental aircraft owned by Raging Thermal Sky Sports LLC, and known as “Meyer Goat” made a safe emergency landing at the Eagle Springs Golf Club located in Walcott, Colorado after 11 a.m. on June 16.

The decision to make an emergency landing was made after the small aircraft lost oil pressure during the flight.

The pilot and passenger remained unharmed. Their identities have not yet been disclosed by the authorities. The plane sustained minor damage after landing in high winds while en route from Golden to Boulder County. The plane landed on the golf course’s 547-yard par 5 second fairway.

The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, Eagle County Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting, Greater Eagle Fire Protection District, Eagle River Fire Protection District and Eagle County Paramedic Services responded to the call.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating.

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