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Pilot Injured after Medical Helicopter Crash-Landed in Tennessee

A medical helicopter crash-landed in Mountain City, Tennessee, on June 3rd.

The incident happened after the aircraft, belonging to Wellmont Health System and PHI Air Medical, was dispatched to pick up a car crash victim.

According to a statement released by Wellmont Health System and PHI Air Medical, “Soon after liftoff, the pilot, an employee of PHI Air Medical, which owns and operates the aircraft, identified a mechanical condition that required immediate landing. He executed emergency procedures to bring the aircraft to the ground, limiting risk to the passengers and damage to the aircraft.”

The pilot was injured in the incident. He was taken to hospital.

The incident is being investigated.

Turkish Harpist Fatma Ceren Necipoglu Returns Home

Another victim is laid to rest in the ongoing saga of Air France Flight 447. This victim is neither Brazilian nor French. Among those whose remains were recently recovered and identified, Harpist Fatma Ceren Necipoglu was returned to Turkey on November 22, 2011, nearly two and a half years after the June 2009 crash of Air France Flight 447.

When she went to the Rio Harp Festival to perform two recitals, she never expected to be returning as a memory.

After a ceremony at Sisli’s Tesvikiye Mosque, Necipoglu was laid to rest. She was a 1999 graduate of the Department of Harp in Louisiana State University’s School of Music and piano and harp lecturer at the Anadolu University.

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