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Skydive Aircraft Makes Safe Emergency Landing in Colorado after Catching Fire

A skydive aircraft had to return and make a safe emergency at Colorado Springs East Airport, Ellicott, Colorado, on August 7th.

The plane carrying 11 skydivers caught fire after it struck a bird.

The plane landed safely.

All skydivers evacuated the aircraft and remained unharmed.

Skydiving Tour Plane Crashes in Hawaii; 5 Killed

A small plane crashed near Port Allen Airport on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, on May 23rd.

The single engine Cessna 182H plane, belonging to Skydive Kauai, was conducting a skydive tour when it went down.

Five people, including the pilot, two skydive instructors, and two tandem jumpers, were killed in the crash. Their identities are not known at the moment.

The NTSB and the FAA will investigate.

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