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Cargo Plane Skids Off Runway at Halifax Stanfield International Airport; 4 Injured

Sky Lease Cargo flight KKE 4854 skidded off the runway after landing at Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Nova Scotia, Canada, on November 7th.

The incident happened when the Boeing 747 cargo jet was coming from Chicago, Illinois.

Four crew members aboard the plane sustained minor injuries and were taken to a hospital.

Tara Air Plane Skids Off Runway in Nepal; At Least Four Injured

A Tara Air plane skidded off runway at Simikot Airport, Nepal, on November 28th.

The plane was accelerating to takeoff for Surkhet, Nepal, when it blew a nose tire and skidded off the runway.

There were sixteen people aboard, including thirteen passengers and three crew members. At least four of them were injured in the accident, and were taken to Humla district hospital.

The plane sustained substantial damage.

Shaheen Air Plane Crash-Lands at Lahore Airport; At Least 10 Injured

Shaheen airShaheen Air flight NL-142 crash-landed at Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore, Pakistan, on November 3.

The plane was flying from Karachi when the pilot declared emergency due to faulty landing gear.

Authorities said one of the tires of the plane burst upon landing, causing it to skid off the runway.

At least 10 passengers were injured in the incident and were provided medical treatment.

The aircraft’s fuselage sustained damage.

The incident is being investigated.

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