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Tour Helicopter Crashes in California; 3 Injured

A tour helicopter made a crash landing, hit 2 vans, and caught fire in the parking area of Santa Barbara Municipal Golf Club in California, in the afternoon of May 5th.

The four-seater Robinson R-44 was returning to the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport after a tour, when it developed a mechanical problem.

All three people aboard sustained injuries.

The FAA is investigating.

Two Killed after Helicopter Crashed in Arizona

A helicopter crashed and caught fire in Wikieup, Arizona, on June 25th.

The Robinson R66 helicopter took off from Prescott, Arizona, and was heading to Riverside, California, when it went down.

There were two people aboard at the time; both of them were killed in the crash.

The cause of crash is being investigated.

Helicopter Crash-Lands on Long Island; No Injuries Reported

A 2006 Robinson R22 Beta helicopter made a crash-landing near West Riviera Drive and West Alhambra Avenue in Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York, on January 27.

The incident happened after the helicopter, carrying two people, lost power while returning to the Republic Airport. According to Frank Delia, of the Academy of Aviation, “It was a standard training flight…They were coming from the south practice area, which is off the south shore of Long Island, on their way back to Republic Airport after a successful training flight.”

Both people aboard the aircraft, including the pilot Joseph Lombardo, 26, and his student Ming Chen, 26, remained uninjured.

Pilot Walks Away after Helicopter Crashes near Ketchum, OK.

helicoptersaopA Robinson R-44 helicopter crashed in a hayfield around 2 miles north of Ketchum, Oklahoma, on August 25th.

FAA authorities said the helicopter, flying from Ketchum airport, went down after it lost its tail rotor.

The pilot, who was the only one aboard, remained uninjured.

The accident is being investigated.

Robinson, Cessna, Spitfire, Airbus, Piper and Homebuilt Crashes

On March 17, 2013:

  • The aircraft and pilot were hijacked at gun point. The Quebec Helicoptor’s Robinson R44 made an illegal flight and crashed in Quebec Canada while en route from Mot-Tremblant to Saint Jerome. Hijacker took the chopper to St. Jerome, where two escapees attached to cables, and were taken to Mont-Tremblant. The pilot was wounded, two escapees were collared as well as two accomplices.
  • A privately owned Cessna 180K landed in a crosswind, crashed off the tarmac and ended with its nose in the ground Digby / Annapolis Regional Airport, Nova Scotia. The pilot was unhurt but the propeller, engine, and one wingtip sustained damage.
  • A privately owned Supermarine Spitfire replica performing in the Antique and Classic Aircraft Display crashed during an air show when the plane nosedived and struck a fence, killing pilot Roger Stokes near Parafield Airport.
  • A Novair Airbus A320-231 with two hundred aboard took off from Oslow Norway at 9:00, and a tire exploded. Pilots circled the airport for two hours and burned off fuel, making a safe landing at 11:25.
  • A Total Security Products Corp Piper crashed on approach to Stafford Regional Airport
  • The pilot of a homebuilt flight was en route from Casarrubios Airport and crashed in El Álamo, Madrid. Two fire crews arrived on the scene. The pilot built the plane that crashed and killed him.
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