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Medical Helicopter Crash in California Kills 4

helicopter_crashesA medical helicopter crashed near Sherwood Avenue and Highway 65 in Kern County, California, on December 10.

Authorities said the Skylife H-4 helicopter took off from Porterville Airport and was transporting a patient to San Joaquin Community Hospital, Bakersfield, California, when it went down.

All four people aboard, including the pilot Thomas Hampl, nurse Marco Lopez, paramedic Kyle Juarez and the patient, were killed in the crash.

The cause of crash is being investigated.

Bird Hits Medical Helicopter in Merkel, Texas

Air EvacA medical helicopter had to make an emergency landing near Interstate 20 and FM 126 in Merkel, Texas, at around 7:45 p.m. on November 11.

The pilot was forced to land in emergency after a bird hit the helicopter, which was transporting a patient from Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene to Lubbock Covenent Hospital, Lubbock at the time.

The Air Evac chopper landed safely. Authorities said that a flight nurse received minor injuries in the accident and was given medical assistance at the scene.

Another Air Evac helicopter was sent from Eastland to resume the flight. The patient had to face a delay of about 1 hour.

Medical Helicopter Crashed in Wichita Falls; Patient Killed, Crew Members Seriously Injured

Crash fireA medical helicopter, on its way to United Regional Health Care, Wichita Falls, Texas, went down just a few blocks away from its destination, shortly before 2 a.m. on October 4.

The Air Evac Lifeteam helicopter crashed when it was transporting a patient from Waurika, Oklahoma to the North Texas hospital.

There were 3 crew members, including a pilot, a flight and a paramedic, aboard the aircraft, along with the patient.

The authorities confirmed that the patient lost his life in the accident, while the crew members sustained serious injuries. The pilot is admitted in United Regional Health Care where his condition is believed to be serious but stable. The paramedic and nurse are being treated at a burn unit in Dallas, however, both of them are in critical condition.

The incident is being investigated.

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Medical Helicopter Made Emergency Landing at Lanai, Hawaii

indiahelicrashA medical helicopter flying from Kona to Honolulu, Hawaii, made an emergency landing at Lanai at about 6:30 p.m. on June 13 due to engine failure.

The incident happened when the helicopter was carrying 4 people, including a female patient.

Ian Gregor, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman confirmed that the EC135 helicopter landed safely at Lanai.

Another plane was arranged to transport the patient to Honolulu.

FAA records show that the helicopter is registered to Utah-based air medical transport company Guardian Flight.

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