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Flybe Flight Makes Emergency Landing at George Best Belfast City Airport

Flybe flight BE-486 made an emergency landing at George Best Belfast City Airport, Northern Ireland, on January 14th.

The plane flying from Manchester, England, was descending toward Belfast when the crew reported an issue with an aft door.

The plane landed uneventfully. All passengers and crew members remained safe.

Flybe Plane Crash-Lands at Belfast International Airport; 1 Injured

Flybe flight BE-331 crash-landed at Belfast International Airport, Northern Ireland, on November 10th.

The plane was heading from George Best Belfast City Airport, Northern Ireland, to Inverness, Scotland, when the crew diverted to Belfast International Airport due to a gear problem.

The plane landed without nose gear.

One passenger was injured and was taken to a hospital.

Citywing Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Belfast

citywingA Citywing flight en route from George Best Belfast City Airport in Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland to the Isle of Man had to return and make an emergency landing due to some technical issues.

The twin propeller aircraft landed without incident on June 6 and all five passengers and two crew members on-board, exited safely.

A spokesman of the Citywing said, “The flight experienced a potential technical issue and in line with safety procedures, the plane was returned to the airport quickly and safely.”

The passengers were booked onto the next flight to their destination.

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