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Starbow BAe Over-Runs Runway in Ghana; Plane Damaged

Starbow Airlines flight S9-110 overran the end of runway 23 of Tamale Airport in Savelugu, Ghana, on October 6.

The British Aerospace BAe 146-300, flying from Accra, Ghana, crashed into a barrier and stopped with its nose gear collapsed on a walkway.

The aircraft sustained significant damage.

No injuries were reported.

Cobham Aviation Plane Landed in Emergency After Engine Fire

One of the engines of a British Aerospace BAE-146 plane caught fire in Western Australia, after which it had to make an emergency landing at Perth Domestic Airport.

The Cobham Aviation flight, carrying 97 people, was en route from Perth to Barrow Island. One of the four engines caught fire during its climb, shortly after the take-off.  The plane was then turned back towards Perth airport where it made a safe emergency landing.

All the passengers and crew members exited safely.

The cause of fire is under investigation.

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