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Mexico Jet Crash kills Well-known Mexican DJ Antonio Dávila Campos

A British Aerospace corporate jet operated by Líneas Aéreas Comerciales was on landing approach (Coumel Airport to Saltillo-Plan de Guadalupe International) when it was in an accident in Ramos Arzipe Mexico.

The plane which was on a domestic in-Mexico flight, was destroyed, killing all eight aboard.

The airplane crashed into an industrial park near Saltillo-Plan de Guadalupe International Airport in conditions of low visibility. It was foggy at 299 feet.

The DJ Antonio Dávila Campos died in the crash, as well as his wife and son, Irma Lopez Coss; his son Alejandro Dávila López, 10, the pilot Alfonso Andrés Remond Ebergenyi, copilot, Israel Cabrera Hernández, 33; Marta Elena de Loera; her husband Daniel Loera and Paulina Fascio, private secretary of Lourdes Naranjo, wife of Isidro Lopez Villarreal, Mayor of Saltillo.

The parties were returning from a Cozumel vacation on a jet belonging to businessman Armando Guadiana.

Minutes after the crash, rescue services responded to the scene at intersection of Industrial Automotive and Industrial Metalworking Industrial Park.

The plane exploded on impact with the ground and caught power poles afire, but the fire was quickly contained by the fast response of firefighters. Everyone aboard died on impact. The black box was recovered .

The Metars were:
MMIO 200040Z 03008KT 1/2SM FG OVC002 15/11 A3017 RMK 8/7//

Which translates to:
Location: MMIO
Day of month: 20
Time: 00:40 UTC
Wind: True direction = 030 degrees, Speed: 8 knots
Visibility: 1/2 Statute Miles
Weather: Fog
Clouds: Overcast sky , at 200 feet above aerodrome level
Temperature: 15 degrees Celsius
Dewpoint: 11 degrees Celsius
QNH: 30.17 inHg

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