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JU-Air Plane Crashes in Swiss Alps; 20 Dead

A JU-Air plane crashed on the Piz Segnas mountain in Switzerland, on August 4th.

The incident happened when the plane was heading from Locarno to Dubendorf, Switzerland.

There were seventeen passengers and three crew members aboard at the time; all of them were killed in the crash.

The accident is under investigation.

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Small Plane Crashes in French Alps; 2 Killed

A small plane crashed in the French Alps near Chambery, France, on November 25th.

The plane took off from Dortmund, Germany, and was heading to Albertville, France, when it went down.

There were two people aboard at the time; both of them were killed in the crash.

The accident is being investigated.

The Ides of Germanwings: One Year Later

There is a time to go about our daily business. There is a time to set everything else aside, and just remember. Now it is time to remember.

Dusseldorf airport set aside a room for German family members of the 72 Germans who lost their lives on Flight 9525.

Today in Barcelona, flags were at half-mast and 149 candles lit as people gathered at Barcelona Airport to recall the victims of the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525. On 24 March 2015, one year ago as of tomorrow, Flight 9525 was en route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf when it crashed in the French Alps, killing 144 passengers, two pilots, and four cabin crew. The tragedy was engineered by suicidal co-pilot Andreas Lubitz. Family members gathered here, as well as emergency workers and officials.

There were fifty-one Spanish lost in the crash. Four countries (including the US) lost three victims; seven countries lost two victims, and five countries lost one. I hope that all the families, where ever they live, found comfort somewhere.

On Thursday, the victims’ names will be read and remembered; flowers will be left at the Le Vernet cemetery which houses the accident’s unidentified remains. Six hundred Flight 9525 victim’s friends and family will have a commemoration ceremony in Le Vernet village in the French Alps not far from the crash site. Weather prevents a visit to the crash site.

I was in Le Vernet last July when 149 balloons were released. I can’t help but feel that I should be there again to support the families. I have just returned from Barcelona, and barely unpacked my bags. I can only hope that the year of mourning and grieving has been cathartic, and that the families are finding a way to embrace life again.

Germanwings A320-200 Airbus Crashes in France

A Germanwings flight 4U-9525 Barcelona-Dusseldorf lost contact with ATC at 10:45. 144 passengers and 6 crew were lost—most likely German and Spanish passengers.The wreckage has been located between Prads-Haute-Bleone and Barcelonnette in France in a mountainous region.

Germanwings and Lufthansa operated the flight.

The area where the wreckage was spotted is difficult to access, but it is an area known for hiking and skiing.

Germanwings Latest Information on 4U-9525


Germanwings Announcement

We must confirm to our deepest regret that Germanwings flight 4U 9525 from Barcelona to Dusseldorf has suffered an accident over the French Alps. The flight was being operated with an Airbus A320 aircraft, and was carrying 144 passengers and six crew members. Lufthansa and Germanwings have established a telephone hotline. The toll-free 0800 11 33 55 77 number is available to all the families of the passengers involved for care and assistance. Everyone at Germanwings and Lufthansa is deeply shocked and saddened by these events. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the passengers and crew members.

Accident to the Airbus A320-211 registered D-AIPX, flight GWI18G, on 24 March 2015


In accordance with the provisions of European Regulation 996/2010 the BEA has initiated a Safety Investigation after having been informed, at the end of the morning, that an Airbus A320-211 crashed near the commune of Prads-Haute-Bléone (Alpes de Haute-Provence, France).

The aeroplane, registered D-AIPX, operated by Germanwings, flight GWI18G, was flying the route from Barcelona (Spain) to Düsseldorf (Germany). According to information from the airline, there were 144 passengers and 6 crew members on board.

Seven investigators from the BEA, accompanied by technical advisers from Airbus and CFM International, are travelling to the accident site. They will be joined by a team of three investigators from the BFU (Bundesstelle für Flugunfalluntersuchung) the BEA’s German counterpart.

A press conference will be organised at the BEA tomorrow, Wednesday 25 March, from 16h to 16h45. Journalists who wish to attend are asked to confirm their presence with Sonia Festou, sonia.festou@bea-fr.org

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