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Air Astana Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Beja Airport

Air Astana flight KC-1388 made an emergency landing at Beja Airport, Portugal, on November 11th.

The plane took off from Alverca Airport, Portugal, but lost control shortly afterwards. The crew declared an emergency and subsequently landed safely at Beja Airport.

The airline confirmed that the plane was carrying six crew members and that there were no passengers aboard.

Portuguese Air Force had also dispatched F16 fighter jets to escort the plane.

Air Astana Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Kazakhstan

Air Astana flight KC-672 made an emergency landing in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on March 7th.

The Boeing 757-200 plane was flying from Astana, Kazakhstan, when the crew needed to shut down one of the engines due to a technical problem.

The plane continued for a safe landing. All 69 passengers and 8 crew members remained unharmed.

Air Astana Flight Makes Emergency Landing due to Bleed Air Problem

Air Astana flight KC-881 had to divert and make an emergency landing in Aktobe, Kazakhstan, on March 5th.

The Airbus A320-200 plane flying from Almaty to Uralsk, Kazakhstan, was diverted after the crew reported a bleed air problem.

The plane landed safely. There were 71 passengers and 6 crew members aboard at the time; all of them remained unharmed.

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