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Aero Bravo 700 Agrícola Crashes in Perolândia, Goiás Brazil

On April 5, 2013, an Aero Bravo 700 Agrícola spraying insecticide near the city of Perolândia crashed near GO-050 highway. The company was Planeta Viação Agrícolas. The fatal flight was to be the last run of the day.

The plane had been spraying a cornfield when it crashed and caught on fire. Farm workers put out the fire, but not in time to save the young pilot, who suffered broken bones and severe burns.

The cropduster was demolished.

The Jataí Fire Department lieutenant Lourivaldo Ribeiro da Silva said the pilot had not been identified yet; and his body was taken to the Jataí Medical Legal Institute.

The pilot has since been recognized as 25 year old Rivelino Rocha.

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