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Aeroflot Flight Lands in Emergency due to a Drunk Passenger

AeroflotAn Aeroflot flight had to make an emergency landing in Yerevan, Armenia, at 5:00 am on August 26 due to a drunk Azerbaijani passenger.

The flight was on its way from Dubai to Moscow when a drunk Azerbaijani passenger started speaking loudly, insulting others and bothering the children. According to one of the passengers, “There were lots of children and foreigners. A man at nearly 30-35 years of age started to shout and molested children. The stewardesses failed to cope with him. Then 6 male passengers caught the man and bound him to the seat.”

The plane landed safely. The pilots tried to hand over the man to the Armenian police, but they refused to accept him. The man was finally tamed with sedatives to continue the fight with a 3 hours delay.

The man was eventually detained by the Moscow police.

Armenia: S7 Passengers Held in Plane

What: S7 flight from Moscow to Yerevan
Where: Sochi
When: Dec 24, 2009
Who: not available
Why: After the plane was unable to land at Zvartnots for an undisclosed reason, the passengers were held without food or drink for three hours on the plane, before being asked to debark into a customs check.

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