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Egypt Air Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Cairo

Egypt Air flight MS-757 had to return for an emergency landing in Cairo, Egypt, on June 26th.

The Boeing 737-800 plane took off for Amsterdam, Netherlands, but blew the right-hand nose tire during departure.

The crew subsequently turned back and landed safely. All ninety-five passengers aboard remained unharmed.

Bird-Hit Vistara Airlines Plane Lands Safely in Odisha

VistaraA Vistara Airlines plane was hit by a bird while descending toward Bhubaneswar in Odisha, India, on May 5th.

Authorities said the bird struck the nose of the plane that was performing flight UK-709 from New Delhi to Bhubaneswar.

The plane continued for a safe landing. All 50 passengers and 7 crew members remained unharmed.

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6 People Killed in Quebec Plane Crash

planecrashboliviatwitter-676x434A De Havilland Beaver plane crashed in Les Bergeronnes area of Canada’s Quebec province, on August 23.

Authorities said the plane apparently nose-dived shortly after it took off from a Tadoussac airstrip for a sightseeing tour.

There were 6 people aboard the plane, including the pilot Romain Desrosiers, a British family of 4 and another passenger Emilie Delaitre, 28, of France. All of them were killed.

The cause of crash is being investigated.

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Two Gliders Crash in New South Wales

Two gliders, one of which was a Let L-13A1 Blaník, collided in New South Wales in a rural area in Carrick, near Goulburn. The incoming glider clipped the tail of the two-seater which nose-dived to the ground.

One 72-year-old pilot, a member of Southern Tablelands Gliding Club, landed his glider safely.

The fifty year old pilot of the other glider died on impact with the ground. His 70 year-old passenger had to be extricated from the back seat of the aircraft. He sustained major injuries and was airlifted to Liverpool Hospital.

The accident occurred at 3.40pm on April 27, 2013.

Emergency services, including Ambulance, Police, Towrang RFS and Police Rescue responded.

The pilots were experienced. The ground crew including the winch operator and pilots of both gliders were on the same radio network but the club is “mystified” why the accident occurred.

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