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Intoxicated Driver Enters Phoenix Runway

What: unauthorized vehicle
Where: Phoenix Sky Harbor
When: Nov 16, 2012
Who: 2 aboard
Why: Reports say that Koko Nicole Anderson was intoxicated on drugs when the car she was driving barged through a partially closed gate and onto a runway while driving with her two month old child in the car. The gate was being tested when Anderson drove through it. She struck a portable toilet and kept driving until an officer rammed her car.

Anderson’s mother says the girl was not on drugs but suffering from bi-polar disorder.

The intoxicated driver with a history of mental illness was taken into custody, and booked into jail on aggravated DUI and criminal damage charges.

An expert determined that the intoxication was related to drugs instead of alcohol. In order to safeguard planes from being either accidentally or intentionally struck by misguided drivers, the airport is considering beefing up security with airport gates that include additional pop-up barriers.

Alaska Airlines Quick Fix

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What: Alaska Airline Boeing 737 Phoenix to Seattle
Where: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
When: emergency landing around 6:40 a.m
Who: 113 passengers
Why: After an emergency with an overheating hydraulic pump, the flight landed back at the Phoenix airport after 15 minutes; and (after 45 minutes of maintenance) was back in the air 1.5 hours behind schedule, but successfully en route to Seattle

George’s Point of View

Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance…

Phoenix emergency landing

What: American Airlines Flight 436 departed Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport at 9:03 a.m. for Chicago O’Hare
Where: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
When: 9:22 a.m
Who: 138 passengers and five crew members
Why: The pilot returned to the airport when he noticed an acrid smell and haze in the cockpit. The auxiliary power unit is going to be examined and cleaned. Passengers changed planes.

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