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B.C. Wildfire Plane Lands in Emergency at Kamloops Airport

BC Air tankerA Convair 580, Wildfire plane made an emergency landing at Kamloops Airport in British Columbia, Canada, at around 8:30 a.m. on August 5.

The pilot reported a mechanical issue in one of the two engines and turned the faulty engine off. He, then manage to land safely on one engine.

The plane was carrying retardant which he dumped at a fire in Kamloops Fire Centre before landing.

Navi Saini, a female fire information officer with B.C. Wildfire said, “We still have engineers working to figure out what had happened.”

Cargo Flight lost in Lagoon in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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What: Jet One Express Convair CV-340 en route from San Juan to St. Maarten
Where: San Juan
When: Mar 15th 2012
Who: 2 crew
Why: On takeoff, the Corvair developed engine trouble. They consulted with ATC and decided to return to the airport but instead ended up in the La Torrecilla Lagoon. Witnesses saw the plane trailing smoke as it approached.

The pilot and copilot died on impact. The flight has been confirmed as flight 440 to Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. It was a cargo flight with only two crew aboard.

Divers are working to retrieve the bodies from the underwater wreckage. No names have been released.

Jet One has an office in Boca Raton Florida since Thursday, June 15, 2000 in the state of Florida when it filed as a Domestic for Profit Corporation.

Engine Fire Disrupts St Thomas Flight

What: Fresh Air 1955 Convair C-131F cargo plane en route from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas
Where: St Thomas
When: Jan 17, 2010, 7:55 am
Who: pilot Carlos Garcia and First Officer Eduardo Vasquez
Why: While taking off, an engine began smoking. The pilots returned to land but was unable to stop, skidded through the perimeter fence and came to a stop across from Emerald Beach Hotel. No one was injured but the plane was engulfed in flame.
The incident tied up the airport, canceling flights for part of the morning.

Emergency Landing in St. Thomas

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What: Kestrel Convair C-131F performing a freight flight from St. Thomas
Where: St. Thomas
When: Jan 17th 2011
Who: 2 crew
Why: While climbing out of St Thomas on a ferry flight, the left engine caught fire. The crew reported problems with the planes hydraulics and made a fast landing in St. Thomas. Unable to brake, the plane smashed through the airport fence and ended up on the airport access road.

No injuries occurred but the plane incurred substantial damage.

Cathay Pacific Flight 700Z

Cathay Pacific Flight 700Z

On June 15, 1972, over Pleiku, South Vietnam, a bomb inside a cosmetics case placed under a seat exploded. The plane crashed in a wooded area. All 71 passengers and 10 crew aboard the Convair CV-880-22M-21 were killed. A police officer, Somchai Chaiyasut, whose fiancée and seven year old daughter were aboard was charged with the premeditated murder of everyone aboard because Chaiyasut had taken out three travel insurance policies on his fiancée and daughter. He was declared not guilty due to lack of evidence. He sued the insurance companies and received 5.5 million but died of cancer in 1985.

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