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Yemenia Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Aden, Yemen

Yemenia flight IY-600 had to return and make an emergency landing in Aden, Yemen, on June 8th.

The Airbus A310-300 plane took off for Cairo, Egypt, but had to turn back after the crew needed to shut down one the engines due to an oil leak.

The plane landed back safely. All one hundred and eighty people aboard remained unharmed.

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A Disgraceful Attitude

Here are a couple of facts:

Yemenia Flight 626 was an International Airbus A310-324 from Sana’a, Yemen, to Moroni, Comoros, that crashed on 30 June 2009 killing 152.

French authorities charged Yemenia Airways with manslaughter over the Yemenia Airways crash.

A judicial source said that Yemenia’s Airbus A310 “should not have been allowed to fly”.

152 people died in the crash.

In spite of this, Yemenia announced they are “ready to challenge any allegation regarding the pilot’s competence, or the plane’s maintenance.”

They kept on flying a plane which was judged unsafe. Now Yemenia Airways is denying responsibility for the crash, which in all likelihood was a consequence of flying an unsafe plane.

Any way you look at it, no matter how vehemently they dismiss it, no matter how many times they make an “official” statement, in refusing responsibility for a plane crash on their watch —a plane crash which killed 152 people who trusted the airline to deliver them safely and which is clearly their responsibility—Yemenia Airways has displayed a disgraceful attitude.

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